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Members Investment Scheme Information Portal


» What are the purpose of the fund's information portal?

To provide information on unit trust funds and Fund Management Institution (FMI) managers appointed under the EPF Members Investment Scheme (MIS).

» Can this portal make comparison analysis between unit trust funds from different companies?

Yes.  However, comparisons can only be made between funds of the same category.

» Can this portal provide suggestions on the best funds to invest?

No. The portal only provides information on unit trust funds and FMIs as reference for members/investors to make investment decisions.

» Is registration by members are required in order to use the fund's information portal?

All EPF members with i-Akaun can surf the portal via a tab in the i-Akaun.

» Are all unit trust funds listed in the portal approved by EPF under the EPF-MIS?

Yes.  All listed unit trust funds in the funds information portal are funds which have been approved by EPF under the EPF-MIS only.

» Is the information contained in the portal is classified as confidential?

No.  The information in the portal is general and does not contain any members' personal or investment details. 

» If a member does not have i-Akaun, can he / she access this portal from external link?

No. The portal can be accessed via members' i-Akaun only.

» Can members make any claims on investment losses from EPF if the decision to invest was initially made based on the information provided in the portal?

No. The portal only provides information on unit trust funds for members to make investment decision and not to promote any unit trust funds or FMIs.  All investment risks will be borne by the members themselves.

» Do members need to make any monthly / yearly payments to access the portal?

No charges will be imposed.  The portal is part of EPF's added service for its members.

» Can this portal helps to make performance comparisons between funds on a yearly and cumulative basis?

Yes. This portal provides comparisons on a yearly and cumulative basis.  Comparisons can also be made either in table or graph charts.

» How frequent is the information in this portal being updated?

The information on the funds will be updated on a daily basis.  However, information on FMIs will be updated only if there are changes.

» How many funds can be compared at one time?

Comparisons can be made up to four funds at one time only.

» What do active funds mean?

Active funds are funds that have passed the yearly evaluation based on the funds' selection criteria.  Focus will be given on the performance of the funds on a consistent basis. 

» What do suspended funds mean?

Suspended funds are funds that did not pass the yearly assessment based on the funds qualification criteria.

Nevertheless, FMIs will be responsible to continue to invest members' savings which had been transferred into the funds that have been suspended.  EPF members are given the options to transfer all investments from suspended funds into active funds or transfer the money back into their EPF account.

» Why does Lembaga Tabung Haji is not listed in the portal?

Lembaga Tabung Haji is a FMI appointed under the EPF-MIS but does not own any unit trust funds.

» Does this portal provide information on all unit trust in Malaysia?

This portal is only for unit trust funds offered under the EPF-MIS.


For more information, please call EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-89226000 or access to EPF enquiry.


Updated: 18 November 2015

Reviewed: 19 February 2019