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List of Forms Employers Need To Know

Specific forms are required for different types of transactions/dealings with the EPF. Employers are encouraged to make it a point to know all the relevant forms and what are they for. This would help save time an effort as submissions using wrong forms will be rejected.

The followings are forms which employers need to know. Please download and install the latest version (at least Version 8.0) of Adobe Reader to help you to view and print the forms. Otherwise, you might have problems displaying the forms.

No. Form Codes Descriptions / Form Names
1. KWSP 1 (MAJ) Employer Registration Application Form
Types of Employer Registration:
- Government.
- Registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
- Registered with other than the Companies Commission of Malaysia.
- Employer to local servants.
- Others.
2. KWSP 1 (i) Registration And Updating Of i-Akaun Details For Existing Employer
3. KWSP 3 EPF Member's Registration Application Form & Particulars Update:
1) New Member registration
2) Member's information update
4. KWSP 3A Member's Accounts Consolidation Application.
5. KWSP 4  &  KWSP 4A Nomination & Revocation of Nomination.
6. KWSP 6 (Borang A) Schedule of Monthly Contributions.
7. KWSP 6A (1) Self Contribution Payment form.
Types of Self Contributions:
1) Self-employed
2) Pensionable Workers
3) Non-Employees
4) Non-Employers
8. KWSP 6 (Borang B) Notice of Cessation of Liability as an Employer.
9. KWSP 7 (Borang E) Schedule of Arrears of Contributions.
10. KWSP 8 (Borang F) Arrears Remittance Statement.
11. KWSP 16 Notice of Election to Employer (Domestic Servant).
12. KWSP 16B Notice of Election to EPF by a Non-Domicile (Domestic Servant).
13. KWSP 16F Retirement Benefits Transfer.
14. KWSP 16F (Group) Retirement Benefits Transfer.
15. KWSP 17 (Maj) Notice to Contribute More Than Statutory Rate - Employer.
16. KWSP 17A (AHL) Notice to Contribute More Than Statutory Rate - Employee.
17. KWSP 17AA (AHL) Notice Of Option To Contribute More Than Statutory Rate (Employee's Share)
KWSP 18 (Maj) Notice to Cancel Option to Contribute More Than Statutory Rate - Employer.
KWSP 18A (AHL) Notice to Cancel Option to Contribute More Than Statutory Rate - Employee.
KWSP 19 Certificate of Registration of Employer.
KWSP 14 Application for Refund of Contributions Made In Error.
KWSP 15 Schedule of Contributions Transferred from Approved Funds.
KWSP 1360 Notice to Employer for Payment of Additional Contributions.
24. KWSP 1743 Notice to Employer for Short Payment of Contributions.
KWSP 1314
Schedule of Unposted Contributions.
26.   Change of Name/Address of Employer

Forms without hyperlinks cannot be downloaded from this website. You will have to visit the nearest EPF office to get the forms from the counter.

Updated: 20 December 2017

Reviewed: 20 December 2017