Registration Of Employee As EPF Member

It is the employer's responsibility to register any unregistered employees with the EPF before the initial contribution is made.

Member registration may be made in the following manner:

Member registration may be made in the following manner:

  1. Member registration in Form KWSP 3 (at the EPF counter or by post)

    An employee who is a Malaysian citizen must furnish his/her details and produce his/her identity card to the employer. A non-Malaysian employee must  produce  his/her passport, a valid work permit or visa together with Form KWSP 16B to the employer. It shall be the employer's responsibility to complete Form KWSP 3 and hand over same at any EPF counter or mail it for the purpose of registration.
  2. Member Registration by way of Monthly Contribution Form (Form A) without using Form KWSP

    The employer must state the correct name and identity card number in the contribution form (Form A) at the time of payment of contribution. The member will be registered ‘automatically' with the EPF if the particulars furnished in Form A are complete. This method of registration is applicable only to employees who are citizens or permanent residents of Malaysia and who hold the 7- or 12-digit identity cards only.

    Note:    In order for the EPF to register a member automatically, the employer must furnish accurate information that must tally with the employee's identity card.
  3. EPF member registration using MyKad (without Form KWSP 3) at the counter

    The employee must present his/her MyKad at the counter whereupon his/her personal particulars will be extracted from the MyKad chip. The information will be automatically saved in the EPF system without the need for the counter personnel to key in the information.

    Upon receipt of confirmation from the National Registration Department, the employee will receive his/her EPF membership number.

    Where an employee is already registered with the EPF, his/her EPF membership number must be procured from the employee concerned or from the nearest EPF office.

    The EPF membership number allotted must be quoted when making an EPF contribution and, where applicable, in all dealings with the EPF.