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Registration Of Employers

Registration Method

According to Section 41 (1) of the EPF Act 1991, an employer must register with the EPF within 7 days from the date the employer becomes liable to contribute, that is as soon as an employee is hired.

An employer is required to complete Form KWSP 1 and to submit together with the registration form issued by the approving authorities such as Form 49 issued by the Companies Commission or the Business Registration Certificate.

Upon registration, the employer will obtain:

  1. Employer's Reference Number - This number must be used in all dealings with the EPF
  2. The following documents: 
  • Form KWSP 6 (Form A) - to pay the monthly contributions
  • Form KWSP 3 - to register employees as members
  • Form KWSP 4 - Nomination form
  • Employer's Registration Certificate - this certificate is to be exhibited at the employer's premise


Application for More Than One Employers's Reference Number

An employer can apply to be registered under more than one employer's reference number to facilitate the monthly contribution payments.


Syarikat XYZ Bhd

Employer's Reference No. 

For Staff 


For Management