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» What is meant by fee/wage?

Fees refer to all support in terms of monetary to be paid to the employee under a service contract or apprenticeship either agreed to be paid monthly, weekly, daily and others including bonus, commission or allowance which an employer has to pay its employees.

» What is meant by contract for service?

Contract for service is an agreement to provide service to a person or a group of people. The person providing the service is free from any control and monitoring by the person or group of people receiving the service.

» What is meant by service contract?

A service contract is an agreement which is agreed upon between an employer and an employee to complete a certain service. The agreement can be written, verbal, obvious or hidden.

» What is meant by interest?

Interest is to be regarded as a fine against the employer under Section 49(1) of the EPF Act 1991 for failing to contribute monthly EPF contributions within the period stipulated under the EPF.

» What is meant by employee?

An employee is a person who is employed for work by an employer under a service contract or apprenticeship. The service contract or apprenticeship can be in written, verbal, obvious or hidden.

» What tax incentive is given to the employer with regards to EPF contributions?

Employers are given tax incentives based on certain amounts fixed from time to time. For further details, please contact the Inland Revenue Board.

» Who is an employer's representative?

An employer's representative is whoever representing the employer, which includes the employees who manage the payment of employees' fees / wages.