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» What are the services offered to members and employers in i-Akaun?

Members can:

  • Apply for e-Pengeluaran
  • Check current and previous EPF statements
  • Check withdrawal application status and history
  • Check withdrawal history
  • Check nomination status
  • Calculate estimate amount for housing withdrawal, savings and investments
  • Update profile, including correspondence address
  • Check EPF contribution transactions records for the past 2 years
  • Check i-Akaun activities log

Employers can:

  • Use the e-Contribution Facility 
    - Submission of Form A  
    - Submission of Payment 
  • Use the e-CTML Facility 
    - CTML Settlement Submission
  • Check employees' EPF numbers
  • Register new EPF members 
  • Calculate the dividend for employer's share for Government employer
  • Check current EPF contribution transactions
  • Check i-Akaun activities log 

» How do I register for the i-Akaun?

For members, you can obtain the Activation Code at any EPF Kiosk or Counter nearby by using your MyKad. You are then required to visit the EPF website and click on ‘Login to i-Akaun (Member) >> i-Akaun Activation' to activate your i-Akaun with the Activation Code within 30 days.

For employers, representatives who have been appointed to manage the i-Akaun for the company can visit any EPF counter to obtain the i-Akaun Activation Code using Form KWSP 1 or KWSP 1(i).

Upon receipt of Activation Code, visit the EPF website and click on Login to i-Akaun (Employer) >> i-Akaun Activation to activate your i-Akaun with the Activation Code within 30 days.

» What is the eligibility to register for the i-Akaun?

For Malaysian members, must own a Member ID No. and a valid EPF number.
For Non - Malaysian members, must own a valid passport or a valid EPF number.
For employers, must own a valid EPF number.

» Why do I need to create User ID and password?

The User ID and password created with be used for all logins into i-Akaun. Please remember your User ID and password.

» Can I change my User ID?

No, you cannot change your User ID. Your User ID is unique and used to identify you as an i-Akaun member.

» Can I change my password?

Yes, you can. In fact, you are highly advised to change your password periodically. To change your password, login into i-Akaun and then select 'Change Password'. You need to supply your current password, create the new password and then re-enter the new password. Use the new password the next time you login.

» What are the security measures undertaken for EPF website?

The EPF has implemented multiple security measures to ensure protection of the systems and the confidentiality of member's information, subject to terms and conditions of use. Some of the security measures include implementing industry standard SSL 128-bit encryption on its system, insisting on a combination of letters and numbers for passwords and having users to physically collect Activation Code at EPF Kiosks or Counters.

» How can I protect my User ID and password?

User ID and password are the key to your account information. Both are required for you to login into i-Akaun.

Here are some ways that can help you to protect your User ID and password:

  • Do not reveal your User ID and password to anyone
  • Do not provide your User ID and password by email or telephone
  • Change your password periodically
  • Do not use the 'Remember Password' function because the information can be easily accessed by hackers
  • Log out from immediately after completing any activity in i-Akaun.


For more information, please call EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-89226000 or access to EPF enquiry.


Updated: 29 December 2018

Reviewed: 29 December 2018