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Government Contribution & PEN1516


» What is meant by Government's Contribution? 
Government's Contribution are contributions to the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) made by an employer for civil servants during the probation period prior to Conferment of Pensionable Status.
» What is Pensionable Employees Withdrawal
Pensionable Employees Withdrawal is a type of EPF withdrawal that allows civil servants who are still employed in the Public Service and have been emplaced in the pensionable establishment to withdraw the employee's share of contribution.  EPF members are only entitled to withdraw the employees' contributions, while the Government contribution will be refunded to KWAP.
» What is the Government's Contribution refunded to KWAP? 
The Government's Contribution refunded to KWAP for the purpose of retirement benefits for civil servants.
» Can I claim the Government's Contribution that have been refunded to KWAP? 

No. The Government's Contribution cannot be claimed by any civil servant who has been confered the Pensionable Status.

» Who is the party that I could contact if there are questions pertaining to the amount of Contribution refunded to KWAP? 
Please contact the Department of Civil Service (Post Pension Division) at Putrajaya or EPF Contact Management Centre (CMC).
Updated: 27 November 2015
Reviewed: 16 April 2019