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Lodging a Complaint On Contribution

You may lodge a complaint when:

Your employer fails to make contributions on your behalf; Your employer deducts your salary but fails to make the contribution on your behalf; The contribution made on your behalf is less than the stipulated amount; The contribution by the employer is not paid according to the correct month; Information given by the employer in the contribution form is incomplete and incorrect. 

You may submit a complaint to the EPF in writing or visiting any EPF branch. You need to present the following information and documents to support your complaint

  • Personal details such as name, identification card number and EPF membership number;
  • Name, number and address of employer;
  • Service contract between you and your employer, if any;
  • Period of time that you worked for the employer;
  • Amount of salary paid to you;
  • Amount of EPF contributions deducted from your salary;
  • Copy of your salary slip showing EPF deductions;
  • Other pertinent documents, if any.

You are advised to make your report as soon as possible, that is, once you realise irregularities in your contributions. This is to enable the EPF to investigate the matter immediately while the employer can still be traced for contribution recovery.