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Self Contribution

The EPF contribution is not limited to those required under the EPF Act 1991. Voluntary participation of those who are not covered under the EPF law is strongly encouraged. Furthermore, it is an advantage to have retirement savings.

Persons who are allowed to make a self contribution under the EPF Act 1991 are as below:

  1. A domestic servant working in a residential home and employed by a private individual (owner of the residence).
  2. Owners of a sole proprietorship or business partners who do not receive wages, retired workers and those who not defined as employers or employees in the EPF Act 1991.
  3. Malaysian citizen employees who have withdrawn all of their savings under the Leaving the Country Withdrawal Scheme and have returned and working in Malaysia.

The contribution payment can be made via Form KWSP 6A(1).

How To Contribute Under The Self Contribution


  1. Malaysian citizen; AND
  2. Member of the EPF (If not yet a member, please register at any EPF counter by using MyKad or via mail by submitting Form KWSP 3 and copy of identification card).

Payment Method

  1. Submit Self Contribution Payment Form - KWSP 6A(1) together with payment at any payment channels provided by the EPF.
  2. The Form KWSP 6A(1) can be obtained at any EPF counter or downloaded from this website.

Payment Form

Payment can be made via:
  • Cash;
  • Money Order;
  • Cheque;
  • Internet Banking

If payment is made by cheque, money order, or bank draft, the member reference number and the month of the contribution must be recorded on the back.

Payment Limit

   1. No minimum amount (only in Ringgit); AND
   2. Maximum of RM60,000 yearly effective January 2013.

The accumulated maximum limit for Self Contribution, the i-Saraan (previously known as the SP1M) and Top Up Savings Contribution is RM60,000 yearly.

Contribution Payment Channel

All payments must be made under KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA. Self Contribution payment can be made using Form KWSP 6A(1) via the following channels:

  1. EPF Receipting Counter:-
    • Jalan Raja Laut, Kuala Lumpur;
    • Shah Alam;
    • Seremban;
    • Melaka;
    • Johor Bahru;
    • Muar;
    • Kuantan;
    • Kota Bahru;
    • Kuala Terengganu;
    • Kangar;
    • Alor Star;
    • Kota Kinabalu;
    • Kuching;
    • Ipoh;
    • Seberang Jaya
  2. Via mail;
  3. Bank Agent Counter;
    • Maybank Berhad;
    • Public Bank;
    • RHB BANK;
    • Bank Simpanan Nasional
  4. Internet Banking (Form not required)
    • Maybank Berhad;
    • Public Bank;
    • CIMB
    • Kuwait Finance House

The EPF does not encourage members to make cash payment at the counter especially for payments with large amount.

Members who elect to self contribute will receive all benefits defined under the EPF Act, subject to the terms and conditions.