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Benefits As An EPF Member


Account 1 Saving Top-Up

The Account 1 Saving Top Up is a facility provided by the EPF to increase members' retirement savings besides upholding family values.  Through this facility, the Topper may voluntarily make additional contributions to the savings of his/her spouse or family members' (Toppee) EPF account. The Account 1 Saving Top Up is available to those specified below:


Husband to wife


Wife to husband


Children to parents


Parents to children  


The requirements for Account 1 Saving Top-Up are as follows:



  • EPF Member
  • Possesses Malaysian Citizen Status OR Permanent Resident or Non-Citizens who became EPF members before 1 August 1998
  • Below age 55

 EPF or non-EPF member

Topping up of savings can be made every month at EPF counters, subject to a maximum of RM60,000.00 per year.

The Claims for Matrimonial Asset enables the EPF to conform to the Court Order for claims of matrimonial assets involving the EPF savings of non-Muslim members. 


1. Malaysian citizens or non-Malaysians are eligible to apply.
2. Claims of Matrimonial Asset only applies to non-Muslim applicants only.
3. Court orders should be submitted together with the application.
4. Application of Claim for Matrimonial Asset may be made within six (6) years.
Withdrawal Conditions
You can make withdrawals for Claims of Matrimonial Asset through the following types of withdrawal:
i. Age 55; OR
ii. Leaving the Country; OR
iii. Incapacitation; OR
iv. Death
Required documents
i. KWSP Form AT (2) - Application for Matrimonial Asset Claim
ii. Identification card
iii. Passport for Non-Malaysian recipient
iv. Court Order (Decree Nisi) and Certificate of Making Decree Nisi Absolute
Additional information
1. You or your beneficiary will not be eligible for Disability / Death Benefits if the savings in your account comprise only a Claim of Matrimonial Asset.
2. You can make a nomination for the savings of a Claim of Matrimonial Asset.
3. Application of Claim of Matrimonial Asset can be made at EPF counter or by mail.


Retirement Benefit

Your EPF savings are meant for your retirement. The savings comprise the employee's and employer's shares of the contributions plus the yearly dividends. 

When you contribute 8% of your monthly salary to the EPF, your employer will contribute another 12% or 13% of your salary (this contribution rate is subject to changes by the government) to your EPF savings.

However, either you or your employer or both may contribute at a rate exceeding the statutory rates. Therefore, if you do not contribute, you do not get that additional retirement benefit.


All contributions to the EPF will be paid dividend and guaranteed by the government at a minimum rate of 2.5%.

The dividend for every member's account is calculated based on aggregate daily balance.

Simpanan Shariah Dividend

The dividend rate declared for Simpanan Shariah accounts will be based on the actual performance of shariah-compliant investments managed and invested by the EPF.  

Incapacitation And Death Benefits

The Incapacitation and Death Benefits are a goodwill gesture by the EPF, payable to the member/guardian or beneficiary to help lessen the financial burden when the member suffers from incapacitation or in the event of death. The money comes from EPF investment earnings and not from the member's savings.

Incapacitation Benefit (Incapacitation Withdrawal)

The Incapacitation Benefit is paid to the member who has lost his job owing to incapacitation and has made an Incapacitation Withdrawal. The amount for Incapacitation Benefit is RM5,000.00. This benefit will be given once only, subject to the following conditions:

  • Malaysian citizen;
  • Member has not attained the age of 55;
  • Applied for Incapacitation Withdrawal within 12 months of the date of termination of service;
  • Last period of service must be at least 6 continuous months;
  • Reason for termination of service must be incapability to work and not disciplinary action or voluntary resignation.

Death Benefit (Death Withdrawal)

The Death Benefit is paid to the member's dependant or next-of-kin, subject to consideration by the EPF, when the application for Death Withdrawal is made. The amount for Death Benefit is RM2,500.00. This benefit will be given once only, subject to the following conditions:

  • Malaysian citizen;
  • Member has not attained the age of 60 years at the time of death;
  • Application for Death Withdrawal is made within 6 months of the date of demise of the member.

Tax Exemption

EPF contributions are tax deductible up to a maximum amount of RM6,000.00, subject to periodic amendments by the government (inclusive of exemption for life insurance premium).

You are exempted from paying income tax for monies withdrawn under the EPF savings withdrawal schemes. Returns on the EPF investment are also tax exempted.