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Nomination and Its Importance

Nomination refers to the process of naming a nominee among:-
Individuals; OR
Approved Institution

Nomination Elligibility

1. Member aged 18  and above
2. Malaysian citizen; OR
3. Non- Malaysian citizen, who
(i) Has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998; OR

(ii) Has obtained a Permanent Resident (PR) status.  


Individual Any individual (Members are advised to nominate their next-of-kin, such as theirspouse, children or parents)               Any individual (Members are advised to nominate their next-of-kin, such as their spouse, children and parents)
Approved Institution Can nominate Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB) as nominee*
1. Can nominate Amanah Raya Berhad (ARB) as nominee*
2. Can appoint ARB as trustee for  nominee(s) below 18 years old.
* if a member chooses to nominate ARB as nominee, ARB will become administrator to ALL (100%) of the member's savings.

Responsibilities and Status of Nominee / Trustee 

Responsibilities of Nominee/Trustee As a Wasi/Administrator to apportion member's EPF savings upon the member's death to the righful beneficiary in accordance with Islamic Law
1. If nominee is an individual: Individual is the actual rightful beneficiary who will receive the savings of the deceased member.
2. If nominee is ARB: ARB will act as an administrator of the deceased member's EPF savings.
3. If appoint ARB: ARB will act as a trustee for  nominees below 18 years old.
Member's Nomination Status Nominee's death precedes that of the member OR member's death precedes that of the nominee. Nomination is revoked and the next-of-kin of the member are eligible to apply for withdrawal
1. If the nominee's death precedes that of the member, the eligible applicants is the next of kin of the deceased member.
2. If the member's death precedes that of the nominee, the eligible applicant is the nominee's next-of-kin.


Nomination Method

Members can do nomination by completing the form KWSP 4 and submit personally to any EPF branches nationwide


Nomination Documents

(Has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998)
Nomination Form (KWSP4)
A copy of Identification Card / MyKad / Army Identification Card  
A copy of valid Passport  
A copy of Identification document for each nominee*
* Not applicable for members who have  appointed ARB as nominee
Checking on Nomination Information
Nomination can be checked via :
i-Akaun (Member);
Mobile AppVisit to any nearest EPF branch.
Nomination Update
You can update your nomination from time to time by submitting a new Nomination Form (KWSP 4). The new KWSP 4 Form will override your earlier nomination.
Revocation of Nomination 
Nomination made will be revoked under the following circumstances :
• Upon the death of the nominee(s) during the lifetime of the member.
• By a Notice of Revocation of Nomination (KWSP 4A)
• Member submits subsequent Nomination Form (KWSP 4)
• For Muslim members:
     * Nominee has not reached 18 years old during the submission of Death Withdrawal made by the nominee /next of kin
     * The nominee did not apply for Death Withdrawal within one (1) year from the date of the member's death. 
       *Note : Revocation on the relevant nominee's portion only.
• Nomination made before 1 February 2008 will be REVOKED if member has made Age 55 Withdrawal (Full Withdrawal) on or before 1 February 2008.



For further enquiries or additional information regarding this withdrawal, please contact:
               • Any nearest EPF Office;
               • EPF Contact Management Centre (CMC) at: 03-89226000
               • Customer Feedback at:
Please cite your EPF number or Identification Card number and the type of withdrawal applied for when contacting theEPF.
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