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Nomination is the process of naming an individual(s) as a nominee/administrator (Wasi) to receive/administer his/her EPF savings upon the member's death.

Why Do You Need To Make A Nomination?

You are encouraged to make your nomination to facilitate and expedite the withdrawal of your EPF savings by the nominated person(s) in the event of death. The rationale is, if you did not make any nomination for your EPF savings, your next-of-kin will face difficulties to claim your savings from the EPF.

Are You Eligible To Make A Nomination?

You are eligible to nominate any individual as a nominee if:

  • You are 18 years old or above.
  • You are a Malaysian citizen.
    You are a Malaysian citizen who had withdrawn under Leaving the Country Withdrawal before 1 August 1995 and later opted to re-contribute to the EPF
    A non-Malaysian citizen who
    • Has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998;
    • Has obtained a Permanent Resident status (PR)

Who Can Be Named As A Nominee? 

  • You can nominate any ‘natural person' as a nominee/administrator. Any ‘natural person' refers to individuals and does not refer to organisations, associations, societies, welfare bodies and others.
  • You are advised to nominate your next-of-kin such as your spouse or children and parents to receive/administer your savings. The nomination can still be accepted if you named other than your next-of-kin, however there maybe difficulties in the future, such as claims from your next-of-kin.

Nomination For Muslim Members

  • When a Muslim member of the Fund dies, the person(s) nominated shall receive the credit of the deceased member as administrator (Wasi) who will be responsible to distribute the credit in accordance with the Faraid Law.

Nomination For Non-Muslim Members

  • The nominee is the actual rightful beneficiary who will receive the credits of the deceased member.
  • For non-Muslim members, in the event of a deceased nominee
    • Before the death of the member, the eligible applicant is the next-of-kin of the deceased member.
    • After the death of the member, the eligible applicant is the nominee's next-of-kin. This is because the nominee is the actual rightful beneficiary of the deceased member's savings.

How To Make A Nomination?

You are required to submit the following documents which must be complete and in order:-

  • Nomination Form (KWSP 4)
  • A copy of Identification Card either;
    A copy of MyKad/Police Identification Card/Military Identification Card/ Permanent Resident Identification Card (MyPR)
    A copy of Passport (if you are not a Malaysian citizen who has become an EPF member before 1 August 1998)

The nomination application form duly completed has to be submitted by the member at any EPF Office.

The Nomination Form (KWSP 4) must be received by the EPF when the member is still alive.


You can choose anyone aged 18 years and above to be a witness to your nomination EXCEPT the person named in the nomination form, EPF counter staff and EPF staff.

How Can You Revoke Your Nomination?

The nomination made shall be revoked :

  • Upon the death of the nominee(s) during the lifetime of the member.
  • By a Notice of Revocation of Nomination (KWSP 4A)
  • Member submits subsequent Nomination Form (KWSP 4)

The nomination shall also be revoked upon the member's full withdrawal under Leaving the Country Withdrawal.

A Nomination shall not be revoked by any Will.

How Do I Update The Nomination?

You can update your nomination from time to time by submitting a new Nomination Form (KWSP 4). The new KWSP 4 Form will override your earlier nomination.

How Can I Check My Nomination?

You can check your nomination via the following:-

  • i-Akaun (Member);
  • Any EPF Office;
  • Complete the Nomination Checking Form (KWSP 4B) and submit to the following address together with your identification card/proof of relationship:-

    Jabatan Pendaftaran dan Operasi Sokongan
    Bangunan KWSP Jalan Gasing,
    46598 Petaling Jaya,
    (U/P: Unit Penyimpanan dan Penyelenggaraan Dokumen)


1 NOVEMBER 2007 –
31 JANUARY 2008
  • If the member has made the entire credit withdrawal under the Age 55 Years Withdrawal. The nomination made by the member prior to the Age 55 Years Withdrawal is considered not applicable to the new contributions made.
  • In other words, if he re-contributes and then dies -
    • The previous nomination does not apply;
    • The payment to the beneficiary pursuant to Regulation 8 "Payment on death of member if there is no nomination."
  • If the member has made full withdrawal under the Age 55 Years Withdrawal (lump sum), the nomination made prior to that no longer applies.
  • If the member is still employed and chooses to re-contribute, the member must make a new nomination for the new contribution.
  • If the member has made the Age 55 Years Withdrawal other than lump sum (either withdrawal at any time or monthly payments), the nomination made by the member prior to that applies as long as the member has savings balance in the EPF (including savings in any sub accounts).
  • Age 55 Years Withdrawal either lump sum, partial, monthly or combination does not cancel the nomination. The cancellation of nomination only refers to situations under the Regulation 7, EPF Regulations 2001.



Should you have any enquiries or require further details on nomination, please contact:-

Please state your EPF or identification number when contacting the EPF.


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