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Whistleblowing & Anti-Fraud


Whistleblower Protection Policies and  Anti-Fraud Policies 

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has implemented both Whistleblower Protection and Anti-Fraud Policies in the organisation as part of its staunch efforts at combating fraud and wrongdoings.


Members' Identities Are Protected

The Whistleblower Protection Policy will protect individuals who intend to report fraudulent cases or wrongdoings.

The identities of members who reveal the information will be protected and they can deal directly with the relevant authority based on the position in the EPF of the suspected individuals who have committed the wrongdoings.

In this policy, reports can be made on any individuals who are related to the EPF, if suspected of involvement in fraudulent cases or wrongdoings. Any fraudulent or wrongdoing cases that have been reported will be investigated under the EPF Act 1991 and related laws.


Making A Report

The Whistleblowing & Anti-Fraud channels are as follows:

Whistleblowing & Anti-Fraud
Hotline Whistleblowing & Anti-Fraud
03-2616 2121


Mail to
Jabatan Integriti & Tadbir Urus
Bangunan KWSP
Jalan Raja Laut
50350 Kuala Lumpur


Required Information

To ensure that the investigation is conducted efficiently and effectively, the following information must be provided:

  1. Name of individual who is lodging the report, telephone number, correspondence address and e-mail;
  2. Name, telephone number and correspondence address of any parties mentioned in the report;
  3. Details of how, why and when the reported case took place; and
  4. Evidence or information from a witness/witnesses who can assist in the investigation.


The main criteria for the report is the true information based on evidence and does not involve the personal interests of any parties.

Updated: 19 June 2015

Reviewed: 11 February 2019