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An EPF member according to the EPF Act is an individual who has an account and savings in the Provident Fund. EPF members comprise private and non-pensionable public sector employees and those who have opted to contribute.


You are an employee if you are employed by an employer under a contract of service or apprenticeship.

Service Contract

A service contract contains the terms and conditions of service which explain the relationship between an employer and an employee. Among the key elements of the contract are offer and acceptance of contract, work supervision and control by the party offering the job, reward in the form of cash, and a promise to provide services that cannot be substituted by any other person. Service contracts may be written, oral and explicit or implied. 


Your employer is a person or the party who employs you to work under a contract of service or apprenticeship. They include:

  • Managers, agents or any persons responsible for the payment of wages to an employee;
  • Any group of persons whether statutory or non-statutory or incorporated;
  • Any Government, Government Department, Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities or other bodies as specified in the Second Schedule to the EPF Act 1991.