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e-Pengeluaran for Education Withdrawal



» What is e-Pengeluaran?

e-Pengeluaran is a facility for EPF members with i-Akaun to submit their withdrawal application online.
» What are the types of EPF withdrawals available through e-Pengeluaran?
e-Pengeluaran is for:
a. Buy/Build House
b. Reduce/redeem housing loan 
c. Housing loan monthly installment.
d. Education 
e. Health Withdrawal (Coming Soon)
» What are the eligibility requirements for e-Pengeluaran?
The eligibility requirements for applications  via e-Pengeluaran are:
a. The current withdrawal requirements remain unchanged (For more information, please visit
b. Registered i-Akaun user.
c. Tuition fees and related charges imposed by the Institutes of Higher Learning.
d. Enroll in local IPT full time, part time, distance learning and listed  franchise.   
e. The applicant may reduce / fully settle outstanding balance of their study loan with Financial Institution upon completion of studies. 
f.  The applicant is the student or payer for the children.
g. The applicant has to be present at any EPF counters for thumbprint verification for the application to be approved.
» What are the advantages of e-Pengeluaran to members?
Advantages of e-Pengeluaran to members are:-
a. e-Submission and Online Eligibility Checking
Submission can be done anywhere, anytime and online checking of withdrawal eligibility.
b. e-Confirmation from Third (3rd) Party
Information on education cost can be obtained online from IPT or financial institution account.
c. e-Process (Mapping Process and Thumbprint Authentication)
Application will be automatically approved upon thumbprint verification at EPF counter.
d. e-Payment
Direct crediting into member's account or IPT or financial institution's account.
e. e-Communication
Member will be notified by SMS and i-Akaun Secured Inbox Messaging.
» Why do members need to have i-Akaun to use e-Pengeluaran?
Members need to have i-Akaun to utilise the e-Pengeluaran as it is equipped with built-in safety features that will ensure i-Akaun's data integrity and confidentiality of member's information.
» Why is this facility limited to certain Education Instituitions only?
The IPT are among institutions collaborating in the e-Pengeluaran project.  Nevertheless, the EPF is expanding this facility to include other IPT and financial institutions.
» Can member / family's member whom studying abroad applies for e-Pengeluaran?
No, they cannot. This facility is limited to local university only.
» How frequent can member's do the withdrawal?
Member is allowed to do withdrawal anytime as long as there is sufficient balance in Account 2 (subject to withdrawal terms).
» What is the total amount allowed for withdrawal?
Total tuition fees or balance in Account 2, whichever is lower.
» Can member apply the education withdrawal for technical mode of study or professional course?
No, they cannot. However, they can submit the application through counter.
» Why is thumbprint verification necessary?
Members need to be present at the EPF counter and verify their thumbprint as proof of identity as member and applicant.
» What happens if a member does not provide thumbprint verification?
Members are given 14 days to verify their thumbprint, failing which the application will be rejected.
» How does a member make an online application?
Member needs to login at myEPF website and click on member i-Akaun, select withdrawal, online withdrawal status and click New Application to initiate the transaction.
» How long does it take for EPF to approve an e-Pengeluaran application?
Applications will be auto- approved upon thumbprint authentication at any of the EPF counters. 
» Can anyone else submit e-Pengeluaran application on behalf of the member?
No, the e-Pengeluaran application is made through member's i-Akaun which is password-protected. For safety reasons, members are advised not to reveal their passwords to other individuals.
» Does the member need to bring any document for thumbprint verification at EPF counter?
a. Original identification card (MyKad/MyPR/Police ID/Military ID) for member‘s identity verification.
b. Supporting documents – members' will be notified of any additional documents through i-Akaun Secured Messaging.
» Can non-Malaysian EPF members apply through e-Pengeluaran?
» How can members check their application status and payment?
a. Through i-Akaun ; or
b. Contact the EPF Contact Management Center (03-89226000); or
c. Visit any EPF counter 
» Is this a 24 hours facility?
Yes, but submission made after 7.00 pm (working day) or 5.00 pm (Saturday, Sunday and Selangor public holiday) will be processed on the following day.
» Where can members perform thumbprint verification and submit supporting documents?
Members can perform thumbprint verification and submit supporting documents at any EPF offices.

For more information, please call EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-89226000 or access to EPF enquiry


Updated: 24 January 2017

Reviewed: 17 August 2017