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Mobile Activities Calendar

The EPF constantly seeks to improve its services to customers through various approaches, including the EPF Mobile Team service. The objective of this team is to deliver services to customers primarily to customers who are located far from the EPF offices.

The EPF Mobile Team offers the following services for this purpose:  

  1. EPF i-Akaun registration campaign;
  2. Nomination registration campaign (awareness of the importance of nomination to EPF members);
  3. EPF statement printing;
  4. Nomination information checking;
  5. Nomination form submission; 
  6. Housing and Age 50/55/60 Years Withdrawal submission; and
  7. Advisory service

Services offered to members with i-Akaun are as follows:

  1. Checking and printing of previous and current EPF statements;
  2. Withdrawal eligibility checking;
  3. Withdrawal status checking;
  4. Withdrawal history checking;
  5. Withdrawal form download;
  6. Checking and updating of address;
  7. Nomination details checking.

The EPF Mobile Team Monthly Activity Schedule by State can be obtainable from the Mobile Activity Calendar (Only available in Bahasa Malaysia version):

No. State
1.  Alor Setar
2.  Kuala Lumpur
3.  Ipoh
4.  Johor Bahru
5.  Kota Bharu
6.  Kota Kinabalu
7.  Kuala Terengganu
8.  Kuantan
9.  Kuching
10.  Melaka & Negeri Sembilan
11.  Miri
12.  Sandakan
13.  Seberang Jaya
14.  Shah Alam
15.  Ibu Pejabat

For further enquiries, please contact:

  1. Pn. Maizon Hj Hassan 03-26162131 email to:

Updated: 19 April 2019

Reviewed: 19 April 2019