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Types Of Withdrawals

  • Requirement for Adobe Reader
    The latest version of Adobe Reader (at least Version 8.0) is required to view, print or download the desired forms. You may encounter viewing problems if the required version is not available. 
  • Hassle Free Application
    Under the Hassle Free application concept, members who are MyKad holders and are present at EPF Counter DO NOT NEED to complete the application form for the following withdrawals:
    • Age 50/55/60 & Savings of More Than RM1 Million Withdrawal
    • Pensionable Employees / Optional Retirement Withdrawal
    • Withdrawal to Reduce / Redeem Housing Loan and
    • Housing Loan Monthly Installment Withdrawal
    • Advance Government Share Calculation (Pre-PEN)
    Supporting Documents required for the withdrawals above are subject to current terms and procedures.
  • Assistance & Enquiries
    Should you still encounter problems to obtain the desired forms, you may request the form to be sent to your e-mail. Please click on enquiry and complete the details required and provide the name of the form to be e-mailed to you.

You may withdraw your EPF savings before or after you reach the retirement age. These withdrawals are to help prepare you before and during retirement.


Updated: 14 September 2018

Reviewed: 16 April 2019