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myEPF Web Mobile

Users accessing the myEPF website using the URL via their mobile devices with Internet plan will be diverted to the mobile version.  Members can login as usual using members' User ID and Password to access respective EPF online account.
This facility is available for users with i-Akaun only.  For Employers i-Akaun, the access to the full version of myEPF is needed to login into the i-Akaun.  The link to the full version of myEPF is provided on the screen.

Mobile Application

The EPF also provides mobile applications namely the EPF i-Akaun and e-Caruman for users to obtain information via their electronic devices (smartphones/ tabs).  These application can be downloaded from Google Play store and App Store.
Now, EPF members with i-Akaun can check their yearly statements and profile details via these apps.  Employers with i-Akaun can submit the Form A and make payments through the e-Caruman Mobile app.


Updated: 15 November 2016

Reviewed: 15 November 2016