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Operation Division

The Operation Division is a distinctive part of EPF as it oversees the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within the EPF.

The essential duties and responsibilities include handling customer service, enforcement, contribution, registration and other main operational support in the EPF.


Contribution Department

The department ensures all contributions received are receipted and credited into members' account accurately and within the stipulated time. The department is also responsible for maintaining and updating members' accounts. 

Registration and Operation Support

Registration and Support Operations Department

The department is responsible for the registration of members, employers and members' nominations. In addition, it provides support services to the Contributions Department, Withdrawal Operations Management Department in maintaining employers’ and members’ records as well as matters pertaining to finance.

Withdrawal Operation Management

Withdrawal Operation Management Department

The department is responsible in ensuring all withdrawal applications are processed to the correct recipients in adherence to the stated procedures. This department also prepares policies, manual operations, work instructions and guidelines for all types of withdrawal schemes and implements continuous improvement in order for all withdrawal applications to be processed in a faster and more cost-efficient manner.

Property Management

Property Management Department

The main function of the department is to provide a work environment that is conducive and secure for EPF employees and customers. In doing this, it also ensures all related local authorities regulations are complied with.

Operational Transformation and Coordination

Operations Transformation and Coordination Department

This department is responsible for carrying out research, continuous improvements and breakthrough changes - to transform and coordinate operational processes and to address future needs and expectations in a dynamic and complex environment. It also drives the initiative to embed quality and innovative culture among its staff.


Enforcement Department

The department ensures every employer registered with the EPF make contributions on behalf of their employees in a timely and accurate manner, as provided by the EPF Act 1991. In addition, the department is to ensure that members’ interests are well taken care of through effective and comprehensive complaint management.

Service Network

Service Network Department

The department is responsible for providing service support, as well as managing and monitoring level of effectiveness to ensure the efficacy of the EPF's services (counters and electronic).

Contact Management Centre

Contact Management Centre Department

The EPF’s Contact Management Centre acts as a communication channel to customers via telephone, emails, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and electronic fax. The centre is responsible for ensuring good customer relations and monitoring the EPF's customer satisfaction and experience index.


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