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Strategy Division

This division is tasked with managing and coordinating core activities in line with the EPF’s mission of providing the best retirement savings for members. Among the core activities include devising policies and schemes to suit the future retirement landscape; communicate, engage and educate all relevant stakeholders on retirement issues; plan, prepare and position the EPF to meet its mandate and objectives; and provide the best possible human capital infrastructure and capabilities towards making the EPF one of the best organisations to work with in Malaysia.

Corporate Sustainability Department

Corporate Sustainability Department

The Corporate Sustainability Department leads the integration of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) into EPF's investment processes and drives the organisation's sustainability initiatives.

Centre of Excellence Department

Centre of Excellence Department

The Centre of Excellence Department is responsible for establishing new enterprise capabilities to assist the EPF's digital transformation, with an emphasis on project management, innovation, and data analytics.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs Department

The EPF's Corporate Affairs Department is responsible for managing the organisation's reputation through effective and strategic internal and external communications - with the overall goal of strengthening the EPF's role as a social security organisation.

Strategy Management

Strategy Management Department

The Strategy Management Department is responsible for charting the future course of the organisation, driving corporate strategies, and ensuring organisational alignment with EPF’s purpose, vision, and mission. The scope includes the management of organisational boundary aspects, ensuring the EPF remains relevant as an organisation responsible for retirement income security, and the monitoring of organisational performance. The department also oversees strategic connections with key stakeholder groups to drive policy formulation and innovations to the EPF scheme and its products and services, with the aim of improving the well-being of EPF members and assisting them in achieving a better future.

Economic and Capital Market Research Department

Economic and Research Department

The Economic and Research Department monitors developments in the economies of all the countries in which the EPF has investments. This provides insight for the EPF's investment strategy and portfolio allocation, as well as assisting in identifying risk factors.


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