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The EPF Hub For Tenders & Quotations

In an effort to be more efficient, we have simplified the procurement process in just a few steps. Navigate your way through our listings and submit your tender or quotations once you have registered as a supplier.

Channel your procurement query and check your payment status by contacting our team at 03-26162005 or use the Message function at Supplier Network on SAP Ariba system if you currently have a trading relationship with EPF.


New Tenders Out


Tender Results


Announcement Date Tender Type
February 2020

Personal Loan Outsourcing Using Subsidization Methodology

Doc 1915030002
Bank Simpanan Nasional

February 2020

Perkhidmatan Penyimpanan Dan Carian Dokumen KWSP

Doc 2006358191
Regalia Records Management Sdn Bhd

February 2020

Technology Refresh for SAN Storage 

Doc 2088949290
CTC Global Sdn. Bhd.

February 2020

SAN Switches Maintenance

Doc 2097682300
CTC Global Sdn Bhd

February 2020

Cadangan Perkhidmatan Pengurusan Pembersihan Dan Pencucian Secara Comprehensif di Bangunan – bangunan dan Cawangan-cawangan KWSP Zon Sabah

ABM Serumpun Sdn. Bhd

February 2020

Cadangan Perkhidmatan Sistem M&E secara Komprehensif di Bangunan KWSP Raja Chulan dan Tiga (#) Pejabat Cawangan, Kuala Lumpur.

Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd

March 2020

Operation Agility with Process Automation

DOC 2020387723
Ernst & Young Advisory Services Sdn. Bhd.

March 2020

Cadangan Perkhidmatan Pengurusan Pembersihan dan Pencucian Secara Komprehensif di Bangunan - Bangunan dan Cawangan - Cawangan KWSP Zon Sarawak.

Muzana Enterprais Sdn. Bhd

March 2020

Cadangan Kerja-kerja Ubahsuai Ruang Dalaman dan Pertambahan Ruang Tingkat 1 Bagi Pejabat KWSP Limbang, Sarawak

Rizfa Construction & Services

March 2020

Cadangan Kerja Penggantian Pembekalan dan Pemasangan Papan Tanda Luaran di Pejabat-pejabat KWSP Zon Utara, Zon Timor, Zon Tengah, Zon Selatan, Zon Sabah dan Zon Sarawak.

Graphtech Advertising

April  2020

Cadangan Perkhidmatan Pengurusan Pembersihan dan Pencucian Secara Komprehensif di Bangunan-bangunan dan Cawangan-cawangan KWSP Zon Selatan

Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd


New Quotations Needed

Quotation Results

Announcement Date Quotation Type
February 2020

ISO20000-1:2018 Consultancy for Upgrade

DOC 2108137241
Nexagate Sdn Bhd

March - April 2020



Register As One Of Our Suppliers

Those interested in applying for the EPF tenders and submitting quotes must first be registered online with us before you are allowed to participate in the EPF Procurement process.


We would like to remind you to please ensure all required information, including supporting documents and certifications, are prepared in order to complete the registration. Please refer to the tutorial video provided to get full guide regarding registration as supplier of EPF.

Once you have registered, your business information can be viewed by the EPF and buyer to understand the background and scope of services offered. We will then put it to good use to find the right suitability between supplier and procurement listing when there is a procurement opportunity.



  • Stage 1 - Supplier's Account

    New Ariba users

    Click ‘Register Now’ to register as an EPF supplier in the Ariba Network system.

    Current EPF's Ariba users

    Open browser 'Google Chrome or Internet Explorer' and search :

    Log in using current username and password (After successful account creation).

    Existing Ariba users

    Click ‘Login’ to log in and connect your account to EPF’s Ariba Network account.

  • Stage 2 - EPF Survey Form

    Step 1

    Complete your registration as an EPF supplier by completing the EPF survey form.

    Step 2

    Submit the survey form for EPF’s approval.

    Step 3

    Wait for your email notification once your application has been approved by the EPF.

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