The Finance and Services Division’s primary functions are to provide financial, legal, and procurement services and support to internal customers within the EPF as well as promoting awareness and ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory requirements applicable to the EPF.

Property Management Department

The main function of the department is to provide a work environment that is conducive and secure for EPF employees and customers. In doing this, it also ensures all related local authorities regulations are complied with.

Procurement Management Department

The Procurement Department is responsible for sourcing of goods and services efficiently, ethically and at the same time adhering to good corporate governance to obtain best value for money aligned with the EPF Procurement Policy.

Investment Services Department

The department is to ensure the compliance of internal policies and guidelines on investments as well as adherence to relevant laws and regulations pertaining to EPF's domestic and overseas investments. The department is required to settle all investment trades and ensures all investments records and reports comply with the EPF's accounting policy. It is also an administer for Data Loss Protection and Chinese Wall Policy and Data Governance for the EPF. In addition this department is also managing fund accounting system, data integration of the investment and supports the enterprise operational agility via Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools.

Legal Department

The Legal Department acts as legal advisor and provides services such as issuing opinions as well as drafting and reviewing investment and non-investment related agreements entered into by the EPF. The department is also responsible for taking legal action against employers or any party that do not comply with provisions under the EPF Act 1991 and its subsidiary laws. The Legal Department also provides secretarial services to the EPF Board, Investment Panel, and Senior Management team.

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages and controls the financial functions of the EPF, which include budgeting, payment, taxation, and financial reporting. The department also provides advice in respect of accounting, taxes, cost management, and financial policies.