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EPF Learning Campus (ELC) is the training arm of EPF, dedicated to achieving our human capital development initiatives. As a Centre of Excellence for Social Security Development, we constantly seek to upskill our employees and equip them with the relevant skill sets required to meet workplace demands and support EPF's future direction.

ELC also serves as the Hub for Social Security Learning in the Asia-Pacific region, providing resources for social security education through programmes and infrastructure. We have collaborated with several international organisations to ensure the delivery of quality programmes to our stakeholders, both internal and external.
Mission & Strategic Intent
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ELC promises to provide excellent learning solutions that are sustainable, updated, and adaptable to meet stakeholder expectations. This commitment encompasses learning quality, outreach, technology, and infrastructure.
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Strategic Intent
ELC aims to ignite, encourage, and drive the growth of the organisation by developing talent with future-based competencies and skills through comprehensive learning solutions, including research, advisory, consultation, development, and delivery.

Education Program for Employers

1. Introduction to Employer Responsibilities (Onboarding)

Course Objectives:
(i) This course provides initial exposure to newly registered employers on the fundamental knowledge and understanding related to the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991 and any recent amendments.
(ii) Ensure the moral responsibility and legal compliance of new employers in safeguarding the rights of employees.

Target Audience:
Human Resource Officers/Supervisors managing employee affairs, human resource management, finance, law, corporate relations, and taxation.

Course Content:
- Emphasizing the importance of job protection and social security from the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) perspective;
- Explaining the roles of employers according to the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991; and
- Describing the basic obligations of employers and the fundamental rights of employees.

2. Workshop on Employer Responsibilities Towards Employees (Intermediate)

Course Objectives:
(i) Emphasize the importance of job protection and social security, including schemes such as EPF, LHDN (Income Tax Department), PERKESO, and labor laws.
(ii) Explain current issues related to labor rights and employee benefits in the context of the EPF Act, Income Tax Act, PERKESO Act, and Employment Act.
(iii) Ensure participants gain a conceptual understanding of employee rights and employer responsibilities according to the prevailing laws in Malaysia.

Target Audience:
All employers/employer representatives, especially officers involved in contribution payments and human resource management aspects.

Course Content:
- Introduction to EPF, Vision, Mission, and Customer Charter of EPF, Establishment Objectives, Functions, Responsibilities, and Roles of EPF as a social security organization and service provider for customers;
- Employer responsibilities according to the EPF Act 1991;
- Roles and responsibilities of employers in the context of the Income Tax Act, PERKESO Act, and Employment Act; 
- Resolution of issues/problems related to relevant Acts.

3. Strengthening Employer Obligations & Employee Rights (Intensive)

Course Objectives:
Participants will be able to deepen their knowledge of the main provisions and latest amendments in the EPF Act and ensure that their employers fulfill moral and legal responsibilities in protecting the rights of their employees who are members of EPF. Additionally, employers will be exposed to case study scenarios and solutions to issues/problems that commonly arise. Advocacy approach directly addressed to employers.

Target Audience:
All employers/employer representatives, especially officers involved in contribution payments and human resource management requiring up-to-date information.

Course Content:
- Exposure to scenarios and cases, including issues such as Contribution Month & Salary Month Errors, Excesses & Shortfalls in Payments, Contributions Without Complete Information, and Defective Forms A/E; and
- Advocacy for common employer issues and proposed solutions to related issues/problems.

4. Employer Education Forum/Seminar (Collaboration)

Course Objectives:
The roles of EPF, PERKESO, and the Department of Labor in realizing the principles of social security in Malaysia and the social security of workers. Rights and benefits of employees under EPF. Issues related to benefits and claim procedures of the PERKESO Scheme. Job protection under Labor Laws, Current issues related to EPF, PERKESO, the Department of Labor, and the Inland Revenue Board (LHDNM).

Target Audience:
All employers/employer representatives in Malaysia.​​​​​​​

Course Content:
- Emphasizing the importance of job protection and social security through EPF, LHDN, PERKESO, and Labor Laws; and
- Explaining current issues and recent developments related to labor rights and employee benefits from the context of the EPF Act, PERKESO Act, Employment Act, and Income Tax Act.

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EPF Learning Campus was created to bring about greater awareness and education about Social Security to the region. As such, we at the EPF have collaborated with distinguished institutions to bring only the best knowledge and expertise from around the globe.

In Colloboration With:


  1. Conduct evidence based research to assist the EPF in fulfilling plans, improve policies and provide comprehensive social security training to all EPF staff.
  2. Undertake research required to anticipate and respond constructively to the demographic transition and future generations' needs, particularly about retirement savings and related issues.
  3. Become a conduit for knowledge transfer on social protection that will be used locally and within context.
  4. Enable EPF staff to understand and appreciate social protection and its linkage with the EPF organisation.


  • Social protection systems in Malaysia
  • Pension systems and reform in Malaysia
  • Financial literacy in Malaysia
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • The changing demographic landscape in Malaysia
  • Latest trends in Malaysia's labour market
  • Extension of social protection coverage to informal workers
  • Poverty and income inequality in Malaysia

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