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Our EPF Learning Campus

The EPF Learning Campus (ELC) envisions to be the regional centre of excellence for social security. With the advancement of technology, we have kept with the times through constant learning to develop and offer the best opportunities for our employees to thrive at work. Which includes applying innovative techniques and conditioning a mindset that is in par with global standards.

We achieve this through active collaborations with regional industry experts to stay ahead of the curve in the social security landscape. Trainings are done either onsite or online, to ensure that every attendee gets the best benefit. Through our years as thought leaders, the ELC has opened our doors to corporations that seek to gain this knowledge or make us of our training facilities.

What Do They Say

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  • "Pengurusan sentiasa berusaha dalam membuat penambahbaikan berterusan demi keselesaan anggota bagi aktiviti menimba ilmu dan pembelajaran. Terbaik untuk KWSP."

    Siti Yuha Bt Mohd Dom

    KWSP Negeri Pulau Pinang

  • "Terbaik kepada ELC, ruang pembelajaran dan penginapan yang bertaraf 5 bintang."

    Dr. Rahman Ibrahim

    Our client's feedback

  • "I believe ELC will be admired by many other learning centre in Malaysia. I noticed they apply Accelerated Learning Approach in the space design. Plenty of Natural Lights and the furniture settings exude comfort. I really like the open concept of the Learning Space. Reminding me of GSV Lab in Silicon Valley."

    Yasmin Ahmad

    President of ICSMEE Malaysia (International Council for SMEs and Entrepreneurship ICSMEE)

  • "Penambahbaikan ELC seperti hotel bertaraf 5 bintang. Enjoy dan relax kursus di sini, dewan berkursus sangat memuaskan, deco ruang santai berwarna-warni, sangat menarik dan menyenangkan, ruang makan yang diubahsuai amat cantik dan selesa serta kebersihan yang amat terjaga."

    Rusyati Mohamad

    KWSP Negeri Sembilan

  • "Amazing 100% different. Tahniah kepada pihak pengurusan dengan sentuhan pengarah yang sangat kreatif dan inovatif semoga ELC semakin maju, berdaya saing dan mantap."

    Zainab Binti Atan

    KWSP Negeri Johor

  • "Persekitaran kerja yang dinamik dan kolaboratif."

    Akmanorlia Yahaya

    People Matters Department, The EPF

Our Programmes

Our Programmes

Education Program for Employers Organised by the EPF 

The course focuses on managing contribution, problem solving and new EPF work procedures. The course will also address the latest updates from the EPF services aspects to employers, such as EPF withdrawal schemes, i-Akaun and additional case studies as requested by participants in their evaluation forms after attending the course.


1. Employers Obligation Course on the EPF ACT 

Title: Managing Contribution & Latest Changes in EPF


  • Who Should Attend?

All employers / representatives and future employers particularly those involved directly in managing EPF's contribution and human resources.


  • Course Objective:

Participants will get in-depth knowledge about the main provisions and updates on the EPF Act. This will help the participants to have a better understanding of the requirements and main provision in the EPF Act, thus enable them to practice their moral and legal responsibilities in order to preserve their employees' benefits. Participants will also be guided in avoiding mistakes and taking corrective measures in handling EPF contributions.  


  • Course Content:
    • Introduction to the EPF, EPF's Vision, Mission and Customer Charter, Objectives of Establishment, EPF's Functions, Responsibilities, and Roles as a social security organisation and customer-oriented service provider.
    • Employer's responsibilities to remit contribution, Definition of Employees, Employer, Services & Apprenticeship and Wages for those who are compulsory to contribute, Exceptional or Contributable Wages.
    • Managing the EPF contributions, Employer/Employees Registration, Deductions, Payments, Submission of form and Contribution Confirmation, Record Maintenance and the EPF new work procedures.
    • Problem Solving Techniques, Errors in the Contribution and Wages Months, Over and Short Payments, CTML (Caruman Tanpa Maklumat Lengkap or contribution with incomplete information) and Defective Forms A/E.
    • Members' Rights and Benefits, Latest EPF Withdrawal Schemes, i-Akaun and Nomination.


  • Date and Location (Year 2020)

Program Information and Course Calendar (January - June 2020)


2. Employers' Responsibilities for Employees Workshop

Title: Employers' Roles in the EPF Act Context, SOCSO Act, Employment Act and the Income Tax Act


  • Target Group

Those involved in the management of operations, human capital, finance, legal and industrial relation particularly managers and supervisors.


  • Course Objective

The role of the EPF, SOCSO and the Labour Department in realising the social security principle in Malaysia and employees social security. Rights and benefits under the EPF scheme. Interest-related issues and claim procedures under the SOCSO Scheme. Employment protection under the Labour Law, current issues on EPF, SOCSO, the Labour Department and the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN).


  • Course Content
    • Emphasis on the importance of employment and social securities as being provided by the EPF scheme, LHDN, SOCSO and Labour Law.
    • Elaborate current issues pertaining to rights and benefits in the contexts of the EPF Act, SOCSO Act, Labour Act and Income Tax Act.
    • Enhance conceptual knowledge of the participants with regard to the basic rights of the employees and employers legal responsibilities.


  • Date and Location (Year 2020)

Program Information and Workshop Calendar (January - June 2020)

Note: Subject to the last amendment by EPF Learning Campus. Each participant will be charged a RM300.00 fee for the Employer's Obligation Course on the EPF Act and RM1,000.00 for the Employers' Responsibilities for Employees Workshop. Senior officers from the EPF, SOCSO, Labour Department and LHDN will conduct the course.


Those interested to attend these programs can contact the EPF Learning Campus at 03-89210329, 03-89210321 and 03-89264571 or email [email protected]


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Our Training Facilities

Designed to accommodate formal and informal learning activities.

Rempah Ratus (Main Hall)
Computer Labs
Workshop Spaces
Seminar Spaces
Breakout Area
Business Centre
Fitness Centre
Ruai Inap (Hostel)
Nap Room
Recreation Park
Al-Falah (Surau)

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Call General line:

1. General Line: 03 8923 1512

Email: [email protected]

2. EPF Staff: 03 8921 0325/330

Email: [email protected]

Centre of Excellence

Our centre of excellence was created to bring about greater awareness and education about Social Security to the region. As such, we at the EPF have collaborated with distinguished institutions to bring only the best knowledge and expertise from around the globe.

In Collaboration With

  • United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC)
  • International Training Centre of the ILO (ITCILO)

Our Objectives

  • Conduct evidence based research to assist the EPF in fulfilling plans, improve policies and provide comprehensive social security training to all EPF staff.
  • Undertake research required to anticipate and respond constructively to the demographic transition and future generations' needs, particularly about retirement savings and related issues.
  • Become a conduit for knowledge transfer on social protection that will be used locally and within context.
  • Enable EPF staff to understand and appreciate social protection and its linkage with the EPF organisation.

Our Topics

  1. Customer service and digital readiness of EPF members
  1. Savings and investment behavior of the Millennials
  1. Savings and investment behavior of the self-employed
  1. Financial literacy level of EPF members and its relationship with the performance of the MIS
  1. Reemployment of older workers in Malaysia
  1. The impact of Industry 4.0 on social protection
  1. Best practices of ageing society
  1. Malaysian Social Protection System
  1. Malaysian Social Protection System

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