Last updated : 13 Jun 2019    

As an employer, it is crucial for you to submit complete and accurate information of your employees, in order for the EPF to credit their share of contribution into their accounts.

In the event an employer provides incomplete information, or information that does not match the records of members registered at the EPF, these contributions will automatically fall under Caruman Tanpa Maklumat Lengkap (CTML) and will not be credited.

Reasons for CTML

  • Misspelling of employee’s name
  • Incorrect 12-digit identification number
  • Incorrect EPF membership number

How to avoid CTML

Make sure you get these three things right:

KWSP Member’s ID No.

KWSP Member No.

Identification Number
                               (NRIC, Passport and others)

Identification Number
(NRIC, Passport and others)


Name as in identification documents


Checking for CTML

There are a few ways you can check and determine if an employee’s contributions fall under CTML:

  • The e-CTML facility in i-Akaun (Employer)
  • Employer’s monthly contribution statement
    e-Posted List
  • KWSP Form 1314 

Ways to resolve CTML

Employers can submit a form over the counter or online via i-Akaun to resolve a CTML issue and ensure that their employee’s contributions can be credited back to their account.

  • e-CTML

    Our e-CTML service enables registered i-Akaun holders to verify and clear their CTML records online. Employers can utilise the search feature in i-Akaun to obtain accurate information on their employees, all you need is their identification number or EPF Number.

    Benefits of e-CTML

    • Perform transactions anytime, anywhere
    • Clear CTML quickly, accurately & securely
    • Check your transaction status online
    • Hassle-free & easy to use
    • Two-level workflow approval authority*

    *Employers can appoint a representative as an Administrator, who will then appoint a Maker & Checker.

    Step-by-step Guide

  • Counter Submission

    Don’t have an i-Akaun? You may also submit your CTML over the counter.

    What You Need

    • KWSP Form 1314 
    • Monthly contribution statement

    How To Submit

    • Ensure new employees are registered as EPF members.
    • Fill in the form with your employee’s name, identification no. and EPF member no. (make sure you fill in the details accurately and that it matches our records).
    • Sign the form and return it to us.