Last updated : 29 May 2020    

One of the key responsibilites as an employer is to routinely update your records to reflect the latest information to ensure that members’ contribution are in order.

Update Information

What You Should Update

Things you should know as an employer when it comes to updating information. The following information are vital and should be updated to the EPF before the next contribution payment’s due date for the related month.


Changes In Employer’s Name/Status And Address

It is your duty as an employer to update the EPF within 14 days of change of address.

For name or status change, such as Sole Proprietorship to Partnership, employers must notify the EPF within 21 days of change using the Form KWSP 1 (MAJ).

Retrenchment Of Workers

As an employer, you will need to inform the EPF if you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned below.

1. Stop employing workers temporarily
Employers who do not have employees for a given month need to inform the EPF by mail/email or other designated channels from time to time.

The EPF may cancel your Employer Reference Number if the employer has no liability to contribute/has no employee for a period of 6 consecutive months.

2. Do not have and does not intend to employ any employees
Employers who currently do not have employees and does not intend to employ any employees in the future should notify the EPF using Form KWSP 6 (Form B)/mail/email or other designated channels within 30 days.

If employers have started hiring again, please notify the EPF.

Termination Of Operations

An employer who wishes to terminate their operations shall notify the EPF by completing Form KWSP 6 (Form B)/mail/email or other designated channels within 30 days.

What You Should Maintain

  • Wages/Salary Record

    The employer shall maintain and keep the wages and EPF records, at least six (6) years from the date of the last information being recorded.
    Section 42(2) EPF Act 1991

    Wages/Salary Records must be submitted to the EPF Inspector upon request

    Items that need to be recorded in the Wages/Salary Records:

    1. Employee’s full name
    2. EPF member number
    3. Gender
    4. Date of birth
    5. Identification/passport number
    6. Citizenship
    7. Address
    8. Designation
    9. Date of employment
    10. Wages/salary payment term (Example: daily/weekly/monthly)
    11. Wages/salary amount for the period concerned
    12. Other payments for the period concerned
    13. EPF contribution amount deducted from wages/salary
    14. EPF contribution amount for employer share
  • Preparing Wages Statement/Salary Slip

    Employers must prepare and provide wage statements showing EPF deductions to employees.
    Section 42(1) EPF Act 1991

    As an employer, you must provide a monthly wages statement or salary slip to your employees.

    This statement or slip should reflect the employer’s share and employee’s share deductions.

    The employer is responsible to contribute the employee’s share by deducting the employee’s salaries and the employer’s share. The contribution amount of employer and employee shares shall be based on the Contribution Rate (Third Schedule) of the EPF Act 1991.

    Wages Statement/Salary Slip shall include the following:

    1. Employee’s full name
    2. EPF membership number
    3. Gender
    4. Identification/passport number
    5. Citizenship
    6. Wages/salary payment term (Example: daily/weekly/monthly)
    7. Wages/salary amount for that period concerned
    8. Payment wages/salary date
    9. Other payments for the period concerned
    10. Amount deducted for EPF contribution
    11. Employer registration number
    12. Amount paid by employer, for employer's share
    13. Full name of employer/employer's representative, signature and statement date issued
  • Feedback On The Contribution Statement

    It is the employer’s responsibility to check the accuracy of the information in the Contribution Statement received from the EPF.

    If there are any mistakes found, you need to inform the EPF within a month from receiving said statement.

    Employers can now opt to receive your Contribution Statement via email.

    How to Register

    Step 1

    Login to your i-Akaun (Employer) and click on ‘Profile’

    Step 2

    Click on ‘Contact Method’ and select ‘Update’

    Step 3

    Update your employer’s official email accordingly in the ‘Email’ section

    Step 4

    Once complete, click on ‘Submit’ and you are done


    How to Verify

    You can verify your company’s Contribution Statement status by emailing [email protected] with the details below to verify.

    • Employer Number
    • Name of Company/Ministry/Department
    • Email Address
    • Contact Number