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Get easy access to the forms you need for any EPF transaction. Be it for registration, contribution or withdrawals. We have it all sorted for your convenience.



Matrimonial Asset Claim

Member's Registration

Amendments to Member's Particulars

Amendments to Member's Communication Particulars

Member's Account Consolidation

Top Up Registration/Add Toppee



Cancel nomination

Check nomination

Register Self Contribution - Domestic Help (EPF & Employer)

Register Self Contribution - Non-Domiciles (EPF & Employer)

Register Self Contribution (i-Saraan)


Savings Top Up Account 1


Contribution Form A

Self Contribution

i-Saraan Contribution

Self Contribution (Debit Card)

Contribution Refund

Transfer Savings from Approved Monetary Groups

Transfer of Retirement Benefits (Individual)

Transfer of Retirement Benefits (Group)

Application for Registration/Cancellation to Contribute More Than The Statutory Rate (Employee's Share)

Employee's Complaint Form Against Defaulting Employer

Withdrawal Reinstatement (Individual)

Withdrawal Reinstatement (Group)

Withdrawal Supplementary Payment

Transfer Savings from Account 2 to Account 1

i-Sayang Application Registration Form

i-Sayang Contribution Transfer Cancellation Application Form


Hassle Free Application (No Form Needed)

For certain withdrawals, we at the EPF have enabled Hassle Free Applications for MyKad holders which they can withdraw at any EPF Counters without the need for forms. This form-free application is only applicable for the following withdrawals.

Age 50, 55 & 60

More Than RM1 Million Savings

Reduce/Redeem House Loan

Housing Loan Monthly Instalment

Pensionable Employees and Optional Retirement

Advance Government Share Calculation (Pre-PEN)

Payment Replacement

Withdrawal Cancellation

Insufficient Withdrawal Amount

Age 50, 55 and 60 or More Than RM1 Million Savings

Buy or Build Home

Reduce or Redeem Housing Loan


Pensionable Employees and Optional Retirement

Leaving The Country

Death withdrawal by an Administrator


Members' Investment Scheme (This form must be obtained from the chosen FMI)

Housing Loan Monthly Instalment

Advance Government Share Calculation (Pre-PEN)


Need Help?

Please quote your EPF number or dentification Card number and the type of withdrawal applied for when contacting the EPF.

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