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KWSP i-Akaun: Frequently Asked Questions

About KWSP i-Akaun

  • 1. What is KWSP i-Akaun?

    KWSP i-Akaun is a new mobile app by EPF to replace the existing i-Akaun (classic). It offers a range of user-friendly facilities that enable members to conveniently manage their EPF accounts with ease and efficiency.

  • 2. What are the benefits of having KWSP i-Akaun?

    The benefits of having KWSP i-Akaun are as follows:

    a. Keep track of your EPF savings and contribution records easily.
    b. Boost your savings with Voluntary Contribution.
    c. Allow withdrawals for current needs that align with your retirement plan.
    d. Protect yourself with affordable insurance/takaful coverage.
    e. Update your profile quickly and efficiently.
    f. Access financial literacy articles.

  • 3. What are the features available in KWSP i-Akaun?

    The features available in KWSP i-Akaun are:

    a. Registration and update nomination – New
    b. Application for More than RM1Mil Savings Withdrawal – New
    c.  Application for the Age 55 Withdrawal – New
    d. Application for the Age 60 Withdrawal – New
    e. Registration of i-Sayang – New
    f. Cancellation of withdrawal application – New
    g. Registration to become an EPF member and i-Akaun user – New
    h. Retirement calculator to estimate the required retirement savings – Existing feature
    i. Application for the Age 50 Withdrawal – Existing feature
    j. Purchase of insurance/takaful coverage through i-Lindung – Existing feature
    k. Mobile binding (binding mobile device with member’s profile) – Existing feature
    l. Registration and cancellation of Simpanan Shariah – Existing feature
    m. Update member’s profile – Existing feature
    n. Voluntary Contribution to boost your savings – Existing feature
    o. Locate EPF offices – Existing feature
    p. Registration of i-Saraan for informal sectors – Existing feature
    q. Monitor and view contribution records – Existing feature
    r. View and download account statements – Existing feature
    s. Update member’s profile – Existing feature
    t. View nomination information – Existing feature

  • 4. Can members perform i-Invest transactions via KWSP i-Akaun?

    No. Currently, the i-Invest platform can only be accessed through the i-Akaun (classic) and the i-Akaun (Member) portal (





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