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prima housing

EPF members can take advantage of your existing and future EPF savings in Account 2 to purchase your first home under the Malaysia People's Housing Programme (PR1MA). Start the initial steps by ring-fencing your account so that your next contributions will go to your new home.

Who Can Apply





Below 55 years of age


PR1MA home buyer

Obtained housing loan through the Skim Pembiayaan Fleksibel PR1MA (SPEF)


Have never made any Housing Withdrawal OR Have made a Housing Withdrawal but have sold/disposed of the property


What You Should Know

  • This withdrawal is strictly for the financing of PR1MA homes and payment will be made directly to the financial institution.
  • If your Account 2 balance is less than the monthly payment amount requested, the EPF will pay the full amount in your Account 2 (subject to a minimum payment of RM50).
  • All other pre-retirement withdrawals under Account 2 will be restricted.
  • The restriction will be terminated when the member reaches age 55; makes a Pensionable Employees/Incapacitation/Leaving the Country Withdrawal/Death Withdrawal; or with written instruction from the financial institution.
  • If your home is sold through foreclosure, the restrictions on your Account 2 savings will remain unless with written permission from the financial institution.
  • The EPF is not responsible for any late payments or non-payments due to non-contribution or the freezing of your account.
  • Upon reaching age 55 and qualifying for Retirement Withdrawal, you are responsible for settling the outstanding loan with the financial institution for your PR1MA home.

What You Can Utilise

The PR1MA payment is decided by the member and subject to agreement from the financial institution.

Part or all of your savings in Account 2 (minimum RM50)

How to Apply

Step 1

Register an account at and apply for the PR1MA housing project of your choice

Step 2

Wait for the offer letter of purchase and apply for a loan from a financial institution

Step 3

Submit your applications for -
a) Withdrawal restriction (ring-fence)
b) PR1MA Housing Withdrawal
c) Restructuring 
d) Cancellation of withdrawal restriction (ring-fence)

Step 4

The financial institution will verify and forward your application to the EPF

Step 5

We will let you know once your withdrawal has been approved (via SMS/i-Akaun Security Message/Notice)


    1. Double check your panel banks

    Refer to the list of EPF panel banks for direct crediting of payment into member"s PR1MA Home Loan account.


    2. Submit to the panel bank of your choice

    Send your completed submissions to the panel bank counter of your choice and they will apply to the EPF on your behalf.

    3. Need more information?

    Refer to our product brochure for additional information.


    4. EPF PR1MA Panel Banks

    • Ambank
    • CIMB
    • Maybank
    • RHB
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