2016 International Social Security Conference (ISSC)

Day 1


1. Highlight Session I - Ensuring Happiness and Quality of Life in Retirement (Meik Wiking)


2. Highlight Session II - Demographic and Social Changes: Impact Towards Retirement (Hasham Piperdy)


3. Panel Session I - The New Definition of Retirement


Carol Yip

Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood

Datuk Marina Chin

Dato' Mahadev Shankar


4. Highlight Session III - Unleashing The New Retirement Paradigm (Tunku Alizakri Alias)


5. Panel Session II - Your Retirement Aspiration: Making It a Reality


Ian Martin

Jessica Chew Cheng Lian

Hon Cheung

Professor Nathan Vytialingam

Ravinder Singh


Day 2


1. Highlight Session IV- Reinventing Work and Retirement (Harry Smorenberg)


2. Panel Session III- Empowering Ageing with Technology


Tunku Alizakri Alias

Topics & Speakers:
Adaptation of Technology for Independent Living (Cheryl Yeoh)

Robots: Japan's Future Elderly Care Workers (Professor Yukio Honda)

High Tech Ageing: Improving Lives Today (Professor Nadia Magnenat Thalmann)


3. Highlight Session V-Vibrant Cities, Healthy Communities, Happier people (Gil Penalosa)


4. Panel Session IV -Towards Age-Friendly Communities in Malaysia


Professor Datuk Dr Norma Mansor

Topics & Speakers:
European Experience: Establishment of an Age-friendly Community

(Harry Smorenberg)

Social Inclusion for an Ageing Population (Carol Yip)

Japanese Experience: Revitalization of the Declining Population

(Professor Hisakazu Kato)