Last updated : 5/30/19 11:43 AM     

Beware Of Offers Using EPF Logo

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has identified an online post offering “personal loan with EPF account” using the EPF logo and visual which was taken from the EPF official website.


The EPF categorically states that the EPF does not endorse such services as advertised, nor has the EPF appointed any third party “authori s ed EPF agents” as claimed. Such websites are not authorised to use the EPF logo.


The EPF takes very seriously the unautho rised and indiscriminate use of its logo or copyrighted materials to confuse members. Members are urged to be cautious upon receiving any messages or dubious offers related to the EPF, and avoid being misled by verifying with the EPF beforehand.


For clarification or any information on EPF products and services, members may call the EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-89226000 or visit any EPF counter nationwide.


Issued by:
Corporate Affairs Department
Employees Provident Fund
Date: 8 June 2018