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Chain Email On Nomination Of Age 55 Members

Subject: Fw: EPF at 55


This is my colleague's personal experience.


This was relayed to me by my sister in-law. My brother passed away at age of 60 leaving a balance of RM30K+.


EPF did not allow her to withdraw even though she was the sole beneficiary named. She had to go through some legal process (Amanah Raya) to get the clearance and in the process incur fees.


According to EPF, one has to rename your beneficiary at age 55, making all previous nominations void.


However if the amount is less than RM10K, EPF is not so strict in enforcing this ruling.


Hence, pls remember to renominate your beneficiary (ies) when you turn 55.


EPF’s Response


The email claiming that an EPF member has to re-nominate his or her beneficiary upon turning 55 years of age is only true if the EPF member had made an Age 55 Withdrawal before 1 February 2008. Therefore, if this member were to continue to contribute to the EPF, he or she would need to make a new nomination.


However, for EPF members who have made Age 55 Withdrawals after 1 February 2008, their nomination remains valid until a new nomination is made.


Issued by:

Corporate Affairs Department

Employees Provident Fund

Date: 4 August 2011