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Beware Of False SMS, Emails And Whatsapp Scams

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) would like to warn members against false messages and scams which have been circulating via social media, SMS (short messaging service) and WhatsApp.


1.    Blocking of EPF account

The EPF has identified a false SMS message sent to individual members, claiming that their EPF account will be blocked within 24 hours unless they call a given mobile phone number (see screenshot of the SMS). The EPF categorically states that this message is FALSE and does not come from the EPF.


Official messages from the EPF will display a five-digit shortcode as sender ID, and will not be sent to members from a personal mobile number. 


          Screenshot of fake SMS


2.    Savings withdrawal syndicates

Syndicates or agents have been actively promoting their services via social media offering assistance to members to withdraw their EPF savings in return for a fee.  There have been cases involving submission of falsified documents to facilitate the approval of withdrawals by these agents.


The EPF does not appoint or endorse any third party to facilitate members’ application for withdrawals. Members who are eligible to make withdrawals from their account can deal directly with the EPF with no charge.



Members are urged to be cautious upon receiving any messages related to the EPF and not be misled by such false messages.  Members should also refrain from calling the number on the SMS/WhatsApp or dealing with the sender of the false message.


The EPF takes very seriously the deliberate spreading of misleading information to confuse members and create unnecessary alarm, as well as any phishing scams intended to fraudulently acquire members’ EPF account details.


For clarification or further information, members may call the EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-89226000 or visit any EPF counters nationwide. Members may also refer to EPF’s responses to false information at this link: web/kwsp/general/chain-emails.


Issued by:

Corporate Affairs Department

Employees Provident Fund

Date: 15 June 2017