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EPF Members Advised Not To Be Deceived By Scam Callers

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) would like to caution the public and its members against scam calls made by imposters using EPF’s name and alleged EPF Anti-Fraud Hotline number to deceive members.


The modus operandi is as follows:

• Victim receives a telephone call from an individual who claims to be from the EPF wanting to verify whether the victim has made a withdrawal application via the Internet. The fact is all withdrawal applications need to be physically submitted to an EPF branch together with the relevant supporting documents.

• When the victim informs the imposter that he has not made such withdrawal application, the imposter will inform the victim that there is a possibility of a fraud case involving the victim’s account. The imposter will then tell the victim that he will soon receive a call from the ‘police’.

• The so-called ‘police’ will subsequently telephone the victim asking for details of his bank account.


We would like to reiterate that the EPF does not use its Anti-Fraud Hotline to contact members but merely to receive calls from the public. We would therefore like the members to be vigilant of such activities.


Members who have received suspicious calls on EPF matters are urged to lodge a report through the EPF Anti-Fraud Hotline at 03-2616 2121, which operates from 8.15am to 5.15pm, Monday to Friday or call EPF Contact Centre at 03- 8922 6000 or report directly to the police


General Manager
Public Relations
Employees Provident Fund

Date: 5 July 2012