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EPF Pays Dividend Up To Age 100

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) wishes to clarify that an old statement about EPF dividend payment until age 75, which is circulating primarily on WhatsApp as well as on other social media platforms is no longer applicable as it is outdated.


In an earlier press release dated 3 November 2016, the EPF had announced that effective 1 January 2017, members will continue to earn dividends for the remaining portion of their EPF savings up to age 100.


This measure was introduced following amendment to the EPF Act 1991, to ensure that members who choose to maintain a portion of their savings with the EPF after retirement will continue to benefit from the compounding effect of receiving dividend until their EPF savings is fully withdrawn.


The EPF will only transfer any unclaimed savings at Age 100 to the Registrar of Unclaimed Monies.


The EPF advises members to be cautious of misleading or inaccurate information shared through social media platforms, and to always verify the source and date of the information obtained. Official EPF announcements will be carried by mainstream news media. For any queries, members are encouraged to visit the EPF website at or call the EPF Contact Management Centre at 03-8922 6000.


Issued by:

Corporate Affairs Department

Employees Provident Fund

Date: 19 July 2017