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EPF Warns Members Against Withdrawing Savings Through Third Parties

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) warns its members of an EPF withdrawal service by a third party which was advertised on several websites. The EPF would like to stress that it does not appoint any third party to facilitate members’ applications for withdrawals. 


Eligible members who wish to make any withdrawals from their EPF account are advised to deal directly with the EPF which offers free services. The EPF would also like to remind members, particularly those who are in need of cash, to be extra vigilant over syndicates that purportedly offer services to assist members withdraw their EPF savings by charging a high fee. Members will be prosecuted if they attempt to withdraw savings through fraudulent means.


Members may report any fraudulent cases or attempts to cheat members to the EPF's Anti-Fraud Hotline at 03-2616 2121 during office hours from Monday to Friday.


Corporate Communication Department

Employees Provident Fund

Kuala Lumpur

Date: 2 April 2014