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Facebook Posting Over Missing Nominations Details

With regards to the claim by a member over the missing nomination details of his wife, the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has initiated an immediate investigation into the matter and both the EPF Kepong branch and the Registration and Support Department at the EPF headquarters found no details of the nominee as mentioned by the member in his Facebook posting.


The process of nominating a beneficiary will require members to submit physical documents namely the completed Nomination Form (KWSP 4) and member’s MyKad/Identification. All these details will be scanned and keyed in immediately into the system and the hard copies will be kept in our archives. In this case, the beneficiary’s name was not in the system and upon further checking, we also found no physical documents bearing the name of the member’s wife as the member allegedly said was made last year. The form that was shown in his Facebook posting was a new nomination application as it is dated 29 November 2016. We have resolved the matter after contacting the member, who has since withdrawn the claim and removed his Facebook post.


The EPF would like to emphasise that it is against our integrity and corporate governance to deliberately delete, amend or alter members’ nomination details for any reason as we respect our members’ data privacy. The EPF has no benefit in withholding members’ savings upon their passing and accounts that have yet to name any beneficiary(ies) will be considered as “No Nomination”. Savings will still be kept under the deceased member’s name until his/her next-of-kin stake their claim upon the savings through the current Death Withdrawal and “No Nomination” process and procedures.


Issued by:

Corporate Affairs Department

Employees Provident Fund

Date: 30 November 2016