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KUALA LUMPUR, 14 April 2020: Employees Provident Fund (EPF) members can now apply for i-Lestari (Account 2 Withdrawal) via the newly launched hassle-free i-Lestari Online facility. The i-Lestari Online facility offers a substantially improved experience as members can now easily apply, check on their application status and access FAQs via the website on computers and mobile devices with Internet browsers. 


Chief EPF Officer Alizakri Alias said, “We quickly realised that after we launched i-Lestari in early April that the process for applications was quite complicated and caused a lot of confusion. On top of that, many of our members had not set up their i-Akaun through which i-Lestari was being mainly processed and this made the application process even more difficult. 


“We also took the very difficult decision to close our branches in March to ensure the continued safety of our members, employers and staff and moved our services and transactions, including i-Lestari Withdrawal applications, to our digital platforms.” 


Since its launch, the EPF has received more than 1.4 million applications for i-Lestari Withdrawal as at 6 pm, 13 April 2020. This high number of applications has resulted in the EPF’s i-Akaun portal averaging 60,000-70,000 requests per minute, a 15-fold increase as compared to the usual 4,000-7,000 web requests per minute on a typical day. The EPF also recorded an average of 20,000 daily emails enquiring about the facility. To date, over 700,000 applications have been approved and payments will be credited starting from 4 May 2020.


“To cope with this incredible increase in the amount of traffic, we have increased our servers and systems capacity by many fold.  We also had to develop the online facility using our home grown talents within a week as we did not have access to our external consultants and developers due to the MCO. We felt very upset at our members’ difficult experience during the past two weeks and that gave us the impetus to develop the end-to-end online facility in near record time. We hope that with this online facility, everything will now proceed as smoothly and seamlessly as possible,” said Alizakri. “That said, we would like to profusely apologise and thank our members for exercising patience. We will work harder at doing better and further improving their experience with EPF. 


“These are trying times for everybody, and we hope that i-Lestari can help to provide some sort of financial relief to members who have opted for this facility. At the same time, we know that this extremely challenging time will also pass and we hope our members have done a deep assessment of their current requirements and withdraw only the required amount in order to ensure they have enough savings for the future,” said Alizakri. 

Issued by the EPF Media Desk

Corporate Affairs Department

14 April 2020



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