FAQ i-Akaun View Mode



What is i-Akaun view mode?

i-Akaun view mode is i-Akaun access that is limited to ONLY viewing information.


Are members allowed to make any transactions?

Members are not allowed to make any transaction involving Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) send to their telephone numbers. Only the viewing of information is allowed.


What information can be viewed?

The following information can be viewed:

  • Account Balance
  • Current Contributions
  • Profile Update
  • Transactions History
  • Withdrawal Eligibility
  • Push Notifications
  • i-Akaun Secured Inbox

What is the duration for use of i-Akaun view mode?

There is currently no time limit set for this service.


How can members access the full version of i-Akaun?

Members will need to update their Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC) phone number and verify their thumbprint (CIJ) at an EPF kiosk or counter.



Can members reset the password?

Yes. Members need to ensure the registered mobile phone number is active and up to date.


What are the benefits if members switch to i-Akaun Full Mode access?

Members can make the following transactions, subject to terms and conditions.

  1. e-Pengeluaran Application
  2. i-Invest Application
  3. Simpanan Shariah Registration
  4. Download member statements
  5. Profile update

Can I download the EPF statement in view mode?

View mode does not allow the member to download their EPF statement. 


How to register and activate i-Akaun (view mode) upon registering as an EPF member?

Members can refer to the User Guide for i-Akaun (view mode) registration and activation purposes.