Last updated : 21 Jul 2022    

Terms and Conditions

I have read, understand and agree:

  1. This payment is a payment for self-contribution under the EPF Act 1991 (“Voluntary Contribution”).
  2. A Malaysian citizen who has not attained the age of 75 is eligible to make Voluntary Contribution.
  3. The information for Voluntary Contributions is true and correct.
  4. The maximum limit for payment of Voluntary Contribution through all channels is RM60,000 yearly.
  5. If Voluntary Contribution payment is for i-Saraan/ Kasih Suri Keluarga Malaysia, the relevant contribution/special incentive is subject to the conditions determined by the Government. 
  6. The Voluntary Contribution payment will be credited to the member's EPF account at least three (3) working days after the bank transfers the payment to EPF.
  7. The Voluntary Contribution payment is subject to the terms and conditions determined by EPF.