How Can You Contribute To Your Wife's Finances?

How Can You Contribute To Your Wife's Finances?
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Ah, those nostalgic days of the early dating stage, when love was in the air! Do you remember them? Those days when you would sweep your girlfriend, now beloved wife, off her feet. The anticipation of romantic dates, the joy of showering her with meaningful gifts or surprising her with “just because” flowers – a time filled with magic and excitement.

Now that you're basking in the bliss of a happy marriage, it's even more important to continually express your love and care for your wife. But have you ever pondered upon the significance of securing your wife’s financial future? 

Financially support your wife through i-Sayang

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As the sole breadwinner with a housewife and children at home, it’s imperative to explore ways to provide financial stability for your beloved wife. 

Raise your hand if you’ve been worrying about your family’s financial future in case something unexpected were to happen to you, leaving them without your support. Being the primary provider for your family, the weight of responsibility can feel overwhelming, especially with your loved ones depending on you. 

We do understand where your worry comes from. We’ve all heard stories or read news about situations where a family is left struggling after the unexpected loss of the husband. How many times have we heard news headlines that go like this?

“Left with Nothing: Housewife Struggles to Make Ends Meet After Husband's Tragic Passing”

“Fighting for Survival: Widow Battles Financial Hardship and Heartache After Losing Husband”

“Desperate Times: Housewife Forced to Take Extreme Measures to Support Family Following Husband’s Death”


Let’s imagine a scenario like this: 

Nora (not her real name), a 41-year-old housewife who faced financial difficulties following her husband‘s tragic passing in an accident. Upon her husband’s passing, she was left to provide for her children on her own. She hoped to withdraw her late husband’s EPF savings to support her family, but according to Islamic inheritance law (Faraid), the savings were not entirely hers. The savings were divided among the eligible heirs, leaving her with insufficient funds to cover her children’s needs. 

At the time, Nora sought help from various channels, including applying for financial support available to single mothers and acting as her late husband’s nominee to distribute his EPF savings in accordance to the Faraid Law, before eventually receiving the remaining balance after a certain period. The journey was far from easy, but she persevered for the sake of her children's well-being.

The story of Nora serves as a powerful reminder that husbands have a crucial responsibility to prepare for the unexpected and secure their wives’ financial future. In the event of a sudden tragedy, such as the husband’s unexpected passing, the wife may be left struggling to provide for her family and face significant financial challenges. 

Being concerned about the future of your family is a positive trait that shows how much you care. And now, it’s time to turn that concern into action by initiating a safety net for your wife’s financial future, to ensure that both your wife and children are taken care of and protected from the negative impacts of financial hardship. 

What exactly is i-Sayang?

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i-Sayang allows you to transfer 2% of your monthly employee contribution to your wife’s EPF account. Meaning, you can contribute directly to your wife’s EPF account every month through your monthly salary deduction. By starting early, you can set the stage for better advantages that will positively impact your family. 

Are you still on the fence and curious about the benefits of i-Sayang and hesitant to take the next step? Well, we’ve got you covered. i-Sayang can help you with the following:  

  1. Guarantees the future of your wife, particularly for housewives who may not have savings from their mandatory contribution.  
  2. Even for those with high commitments, it’s possible to set aside funds for your spouse without undue worry. By using your employee’s contribution, you can prioritise savings for your partner while fulfilling other financial responsibilities. 
  3. You can automate the savings for your wife and simplify the process, making it easier to stay on track. Doing so can cultivate a sense of diligence in building savings for your wife.

i-Sayang is highly recommended if you are looking to secure a brighter future for your beloved wife. With the ability to protect your wife’s financial future and create designated savings for her use, without the need for a complicated will, there’s no reason to hesitate. So, gentlemen, don't wait until it's too late - act now and show your loved ones just how much you care!

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