Date: 01 Apr 2020
EPF Releases Revised List Of Unit Trust Funds For 2020/2021

KUALA LUMPUR, 1 April 2020: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) has released its Annual Qualifying List of Fund Management Institutions (FMIs) and unit trust funds under the EPF Members Investment Scheme (EPF MIS) effective today.

For the 2020/2021 period, a total of 376 funds from 20 FMIs were approved under the EPF MIS, of which only 280 funds are qualified to be offered to EPF members. Of these 280 qualifying funds, 202 funds (72 per cent) are local funds of which 101 fund (50 per cent) are equity funds.

EPF Chief Investment Officer Rohaya Mohammad Yusof said, “We evaluate these funds annually based on our established criteria approved by the Ministry of Finance. This ensures that only performing funds are offered to our members”.

“For this year, considering the market uncertainties, we have decided to maintain the minimum eligibility score of Simple Average Rating for Consistent Returns (SACR) at 2.33. The score will be reviewed and revised to a higher score in the future if necessary.” 

The SACR is computed based on the fund’s aggregate performance over a three-year evaluation period using Lipper Rating for Consistent Return. Any unit trust fund which falls below the minimum eligibility score will be suspended from offering during this period.

Table 1: The List of Funds and FMIs by Category

Fund Category

(As at 31 March 2020)

(Effective 1 April 2020)

Qualified Funds FMIs Qualified Funds FMIs
Equity 158 17 161 19
Mixed Assets 72 15 64 15
Bond 30 9 29 9
Money Market 27 17 25 17
Property Trust 1 1 1 1
  288 - 280 -

The EPF MIS was introduced as an option for members to invest up to 30 per cent of the amount in excess of their EPF Account 1 savings depending on their eligibility based on the Basic Savings Quantum (refer to Table 2).

Rohaya added, “Members can also now invest on the i-Invest platform through i-Akaun. Since i-Invest was launched in the September 2019, we have seen more than 15,000 transactions valued at RM127 million as at 28 February 2020.”

i-Invest empowers eligible members to make informed decisions and at a reduced cost. Features of i-Invest includes a consolidated view of member’s holdings, amount eligible for investing and fund comparison tools. Members aged 55 and above can also invest through this platform.

“While current market conditions are volatile, members should keep to long-term investment strategies at the same time looking out for compelling investment opportunities. The features in i-Invest are helpful to members who want to monitor their investments or wish to invest during the current market downtrend.”
Although EPF has guidelines that FMIs must adhere to, members are strongly encouraged to do their own research or seek advice from qualified financial advisers before deciding to participate in the scheme. While EPF has approved these funds, it does not endorse or recommend individual funds for members to invest in.

For the full list of funds offered under each appointed FMI, members may refer to the 
myEPF website at

Table 2: The Basic Savings Schedule According to Age


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1 April 2020

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