Date: 10 Apr 2023
EPF Releases Revised List Of Unit Trust Funds For 2023/2024

KWASA DAMANSARA, 10 April 2023: The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) releases its Revised Qualified List of Fund Management Institutions (FMIs) and unit trust funds under the EPF Members Investment Scheme (EPF MIS). This revised list is taken into effect today.


For the 2023/2024 period, a total of 299 funds from 18 FMIs were approved under the EPF MIS, of which 184 funds are qualified to be offered to EPF members. Of these qualified funds, 149 funds, or 81%, are local funds, with 104 funds, or 70%, being equity funds.


EPF Chief Investment Officer Rohaya Mohammad Yusof said, “For the first time this year, the EPF has included a Sustainable Responsible Investment (SRI) based unit trust fund into the list as part of our commitment to embrace sustainable investing and mainstream our sustainability agenda. The EPF anticipates more SRI funds that meet our evaluation criteria to be listed in the future.


“As an incentive to encourage members’ investment into an SRI based fund, the sales charge is reduced for transactions made through the EPF’s i-Invest online platform from 0.5% to 0%; or not more than 1.5% for transactions via agents,” she added.


The 299 funds approved under the EPF-MIS are evaluated annually based on EPF’s established criteria approved by the Ministry of Finance. The two qualifying criteria for funds evaluation includes the consistency of performance and its relative performance against benchmark. The qualifying threshold set for these criteria are reviewed from time to time in order to ensure only funds with the highest quality are listed.


The list of unit trust funds approved for the period of 2023/2024 are as in Table 1 below:


Table 1: List of Funds and FMIs by Category


Fund Category 2022/2023
(As at 1 April 2022)
(Effective 10 April 2023)
Qualified Funds FMIs Qualified Funds FMIs
Equity 117 15 104 15
Mixed Assets 45 12 47 13
Bond 20 7 14 6
Money Market 20 13 19 12


Under the EPF MIS, members are given the option to invest with the FMIs up to 30% of the amount in excess of their EPF Account 1 savings. This includes investing with Unit Trust Management Companies and Private Mandate Companies, depending on their eligibility based on the Basic Savings Quantum (refer to Table 2).


“Since the launch of i-Invest platform in 2019, around RM2.15 billion has been transacted as at December 2022. We encourage members to take advantage of i-Invest as it provides lower upfront sales charge compared to other channels, greater flexibility, functionality and convenience for members to invest, transact, and monitor their investment funds across the FMIs.


“Members will be able to access information on the applicable cost of investment and historical performance of funds. The Fund Performance Benchmark feature in the platform also enables members to compare the performance of selected funds against their benchmark performance,” Rohaya added.


Members are advised to exercise caution when making any investment decision and seek the right information or professional advice before committing to any transactions. Members may consult the EPF’s Retirement Advisory Service, available at any EPF branch nationwide prior to participating in MIS. While EPF has approved these funds, it neither endorses nor recommends any individual fund for members to invest in.


For the full list of funds offered under each appointed FMI, members may refer to the EPF website at


Table 2: EPF Basic Savings


Age Basic Savings Quantum Age Basic Savings Quantum
18 2,000 37 68,000
19 4,000 38 74,000
20 6,000 39 80,000
21 8,000 40 86,000
22 10,000 41 93,000
23 13,000 42 101,000
24 15,000 43 108,000
25 18,000 44 116,000
26 21,000 45 125,000
27 24,000 46 134,000
28 27,000 47 144,000
29 31,000 48 154,000
30 35,000 49 164,000
31 39,000 50 175,000
32 43,000 51 187,000
33 47,000 52 199,000
34 52,000 53 212,000
35 57,000 54 226,000
36 62,000 55 240,000



Issued by the EPF Media Desk
Corporate Affairs Department
10 April 202

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