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About EPF

The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is one of the world’s oldest provident funds. Established in 1951, we help the Malaysian workforce to save for their retirement in accordance to the Employees Provident Fund Act 1991.

Today, we at the EPF continue to refine our vision to not only stay relevant but to create a better retirement for all our members. This strengthens our commitment in safeguarding our members’ savings and increasing our dedication in providing excellent services.

In tandem with our main vision in helping members achieve a better future, we have extended our mandate to include aiding national infrastructural development while safeguarding and growing members’ retirement savings.




Helping members achieve a better future


Safeguard members' savings and deliver excellent services

Quality Policy

The EPF is committed to helping members achieve a better future through continuous improvement in safeguarding members’ savings and delivering excellent services


Customer Charter


Facts At A Glance

15,217,902 total members of which


are active contributors

(as of Q4 2021)

550,825 employers

contributed to the EPF

(as of Q4 2021total)

RM72.89 billion

Annual contribution received from employees and employers

(as of Q4 2021)

Simpanan Shariah dividend rate 2021


Simpanan Konvensional dividend rate 2021


Total dividend payout 2021


RM56.72 billion

Simpanan Shariah dividend payout 2021


RM6.27 billion

Simpanan Konvensional dividend payout 2021


RM50.45 billion


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Please quote your EPF member number or identification number (NRIC/Passport) and the subject of your query when contacting the EPF.

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