i-Akaun (Employer) portal is a transactional portal that can be accessed through EPF website for EPF Employers to submit their Form A and contribution payments, access certain facility/system and check their EPF account information.
Main Functions

Main functions of the i‑Akaun (Employer) portal are:

1. Register new employees as EPF Members

2. Access online contribution payment facility (submission of Form A and payment)

3. Pay online via Internet Banking, Financial Process Exchange (FPX) and Direct Debit Authorisation (DDA) for payments such as:
  • Contribution

  • Late payment charge/ Dividend

  • Any of the above through instalment plan approved by EPF

  • Any of the above through assessment of contribution made by EPF Employer Relation Services (ERS) Officer

4. Access e-CTML facility for submission of CTML settlement details

5. Access e-Payroll system for processing payrolls and facilitation of contribution calculations and payments

6. Access to view information on:
  • Employee’s current/past contribution details

  • Employer’s late payment charge/ dividend accrued for outstanding contributions

  • Employer’s instalment plan approved by EPF

  • Employer’s assessment of contribution made by EPF ERS Officer

7. Download contribution statements, forms related to instalment plan/ assessment of contribution for payment purpose, and payment receipts

8. Receive notifications and alerts from EPF through pop-up and inbox messages

9. Calculate the dividend for employer's share for Government employer

The way the employer can use these functions depends on the Approval Flow setting which are the Non-Approval Flow and the Maker/Checker Approval Flow. The Approval Flow setting determines the role of i‑Akaun (Employer) users known as Administrator, Maker and Checker.

The Maker/Checker Approval Flow is a security feature introducing a two-level workflow approval authority in which users with the role of Maker and Checker provides employers with checks and balances to ensure secured online submission.

Otherwise, the Non-Approval Flow ensures users with the role of Administrator to be able to use the functions without the hassle of a two-level workflow authority for faster transactions.


The benefits of using the i‑Akaun (Employer) portal:

  • Ease of transactions online that are secure and cost-effective
  • Ease of information accessibility on account balance, contribution details, late payment charge/ dividend details, instalment details, assessment of contribution details and communications from EPF
  • Ease of records maintenance through accurately saved information, download of statements and payment receipts

To be able to use the i‑Akaun (Employer) portal, the employer must:

  • Register for and activate their i‑Akaun
  • Fulfil requirements for Internet Banking, FPX and DDA payment modes depending on which payment mode is used
  • Have a computer/tablet with a browser such as Chrome version 69 or later, Firefox 61 and later, Safari 11 and later, or Edge 16 and later
  • Have stable internet connection

Ways to resolve CTML

Employers can submit a form over the counter or online via i-Akaun to resolve a CTML issue and ensure that their employee’s contributions can be credited back to their account.