Our Incapacitation Withdrawal enables you to withdraw all of your EPF savings should your condition deprive you of your ability to work. In addition, eligible members will be given RM5,000 as an Incapacitation Benefit to help ease your burden.
Who Can Apply

Asset Publisher

Death Benefit
Subject to EPF terms and conditions.
Tax Exemption
Subject to IRB terms and conditions.
Annual Dividend
Enjoy annual dividends on top of your retirement savings.
Special Incentive
Up to 15% of total contribution or max RM300 this year.
Who Can Apply
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Malaysians & non-Malaysians
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Below 60 years of age
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Have savings in EPF
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Certified physically or mentally incapacitated by a medical practitioner
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Must be assessed by the EPF medical board.
Appointment with the EPF medical board will be made upon counter submission

Special disclaimer

  1. The EPF reserves the right to verify all medical reports that have been submitted with the relevant medical institutions.
  2. If the EPF medical board deems the member is incapable of managing themselves or their finances, the payment can be made to any person deemed fit by the EPF.
What Can You Withdraw
You can withdraw your entire EPF savings

Incapacitation Benefit

For members that meet our requirements as below, we will award qualified members with an Incapacitation Benefit of RM5,000 at the EPF’s discretion.
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Below 60 years of age
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Have worked at least six (6) months continuously with previous employment
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Employment terminated or loss of employment due to incapacity to work
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Applied for Incapacitation Withdrawal within 12 months from the date of termination or loss of employment
What You Need
  • Copy of identification documents with original copy for verification
  • Copy of identification documents with original copy for verification
  • Bank passbook/Savings account statement/Current account statement/Verification letter of account holder’s details from Bank/Account holder’s details
A paragraph is a self-contained unit of a discourse in writing dealing with a particular point or idea. Paragraphs are usually an expected part of formal writing, used to organize longer prose.
  • Original medical report with medical institution's, attending doctor's signature and stamp with full name, designation, MMC/MPM registration number and discipline
  • Confirmation letter by employer stating reason for resignation/ termination (Compulsory for public sector/ Optional for other sectors)

Incapacitation Withdrawal - PM_IR

Payment Methods

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Local Payments Overseas Payments

Full payment in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) will be credited to your account
If you hold an active account with our panel bank and your identification number matches the bank records

Full payment will be made via Foreign Demand Draft in the currency of your choice
If your preferred currency is included in our list of approved currencies
If payment to your account is unsuccessful, you will be issued a Bankers Cheque Full payment will be made via Foreign Demand Draft in US Dollars
If your preferred currency is not available on our approved list

Important Reminder

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1. Certify your documents

Ensure ALL copies of documents have been certified and acknowledged by the authorised persons.

(complete with name, designation and official stamp except for copies of documents which require certification by an EPF officer)

Authorised Persons


2. Double check your panel banks

Refer to the list of EPF panel banks for direct crediting of payment into member’s account

EPF Panel Banks


3. Submit to EPF

Send your completed submissions at your nearest EPF Office or mail it to the EPF.

Post to EPF: 

P.O. Box 00220,
Jalan Sultan, 46720,
Selangor Darul Ehsan.

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4. Need more information?

Refer to our product brochure for additional information.

Download Incapacitation Brochure