You can use your current and future EPF savings to help increase your eligibility limit for obtaining a housing loan from your financial institutions.
How It Works
  • You set aside part of the savings in your Akaun Sejahtera to a Flexible Housing Withdrawal account.
  • When evaluating your loan eligibility, the financial institution considers your monthly EPF contribution as part of your income.
  • Higher loan eligibility means you can now afford the home you've always wanted!

*The minimum savings period is one (1) year and ring fencing can only be used for one (1) house at a time. The maximum savings period is up to age 55, or subject to the date of your last housing loan or last day of ring fencing (whichever is earlier).

About Flexible Housing Withdrawal Account
  • The savings in this account cannot be used for Housing, Education, Health and Age 50 Withdrawal.

    *The savings in your Akaun Sejahtera can still be used for the above purposes.

  • The money you've set aside into this account belongs to you, and will not be assigned to the financial institution.
  • You will still receive an annual dividend for the savings in this account but it will be credited to your Akaun Sejahtera.
  • You can withdraw the savings in this account once you have reached age 55 or in the case of Death, Incapacitation, Leaving The Country or Pensionable Employee Withdrawal.
Who Can Apply


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Malaysians & Permanent Residents (PR)
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Below 54 years of age
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Purchased/built a residential house*
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Have a housing loan with financial institutions approved by the EPF

*Residential House - bungalow/terrace/semi-detached/apartment/condominium/studio apartment/service apartment /townhouse/Small Office Home Office (SOHO) or a shop lot with a residential unit from a developer in Malaysia.
**Certified financial institutions under the Financial Services Act 2013 or Islamic Financing 2013; Central/State Government or any other government financing institutions; member's employer; Licensed Corporation/Cooperative bodies (approved by SKM); Insurance Companies licensed by Bank Negara; or other EPF recognised loan providers.
EPF members who purchase residential house type Small Office Home Office (SOHO) are required to apply manually at the EPF counter.

How to Apply

Step 1

  • Get verification from the financial institution on loan details, house purchase /building and ring fencing

Step 2

  • Send in your application and the required documents through the financial institution

Step 3

  • Flexible Housing Withdrawal must be applied together with Buy/Build House Withdrawal OR Reduce/Redeem Housing Loan Withdrawal 
What You Need


The required documents may vary for first and subsequent applications. So, it is crucial to compile all the required documents to ensure a smooth application process. 

1st Application

Flexible Housing Documents 1st Withdrawal Accordion

Have not made any Housing Withdrawal

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Have made a Housing Withdrawal but lost ownership of the house

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  • Form KWSP 9C (AHL) and Checklist
  • Bank loan verification letter
  • Document/Proof of Loss of property ownership
  • Form KWSP 9Q (1)

Have made a Reduce/Redeem Housing Loan Withdrawal for spouse and/or Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal

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Subsequent Application

Flexible Housing Documents Subsequent Withdrawal Accordion

Same Property

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  • Form KWSP 9Q (2)
  • Form KWSP 9C (AHL) and Checklist
  • Bank loan verification letter
  • Form KWSP 9Q (1)

Different Property

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  • Form KWSP 9C (AHL) and Checklist
  • Bank loan verification letter
  • Document/Proof of Loss of property ownership
  • Form KWSP 9Q (1)


Flexible Housing Withdrawal Cancellation Accordion

Additional Information

Flexible House Withdrawal Additional Info Accordion

Important Reminder

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  1. Certify your documents
    Ensure ALL copies of documents have been certified and acknowledged by the authorised persons.
    (complete with name, designation and official stamp except for copies of documents which require certification by an EPF officer)

    Authorised Persons

  2. Double check your panel banks
    Refer to the list of EPF panel banks for direct crediting of payment into member’s account.

    EPF Panel Banks

  3. Submit to EPF
    Send your completed submissions at your nearest EPF Counter or mail it to the EPF.

    Find EPF Near You

    Post to EPF:

    P.O. Box 00220 Jalan Sultan,
    46720 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
  4. Need more information?
    Refer to our product brochure for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Housing Withdrawal FAQ Accordion

Why is thumbprint authentication necessary?

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The purpose of thumbprint authentication is to verify the identity of the applicant for the withdrawal made online.

What happens if a member does not provide thumbprint verification?

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Withdrawal application will be rejected if thumbprint verification (CIJ) is not completed at any EPF offices within fourteen (14) working days.

Does the member need to produce any document for thumbprint verification at the EPF counter?

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  • Original identification card (MyKad/MyPR/Police ID/Military ID) for member‘s identity verification.​
  • ​Supporting documents – Members will be notified in KWSP i-Akaun (inbox) if there is any additional documents required.

How can members check their application status and payment?

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Where can members perform the thumbprint verification and submit the supporting documents?

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  • Members can verify their thumbprint and submit the supporting documents at any EPF office.​
  • Members can visit the nearest Self-Service Terminal (SST) for applications that only require thumbprint verification, without the need for supporting documents.