Paying the monthly instalments for a housing loan is no easy feat, especially for those of us with growing commitments. In an effort to ease the burden of homeowners, the EPF has introduced the Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Withdrawal. This allows you to make a withdrawal from your Akaun Sejahtera to cover your monthly housing loan instalments for a minimum period of six months or until your financial recovery, providing support when you find yourself in a tight spot financially.
Who Can Apply


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Malaysians & non-Malaysians
(With PR status or registered as EPF Member before 1 Aug 1998)
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Below 55 years of age upon application
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Minimum balance of RM600 in Akaun Sejahtera
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Bought/built a residential house*
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You have an outstanding housing loan monthly instalment with an EPF approved loan providers recognised by the EPF**
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Started paying monthly loan instalments

*Residential House - bungalow/ terrace/ semi-detached/ apartment/ condominium/ studio apartment/ service apartment / townhouse/ Small Office Home Office (SOHO) or a shop lot with a residential unit from a developer in Malaysia.
**Certified financial institutions under the Financial Services Act 2013 or Islamic Financing 2013; Central/ State Government or any other government financing institutions; member's employer; Licensed Corporation/Cooperative bodies (approved by SKM); Insurance Companies licensed by Bank Negara; or other EPF recognised loan providers.
EPF members who purchase residential house type Small Office Home Office (SOHO) are required to apply manually at the EPF counter.

What You Can Withdraw

Individual Withdrawal Joint Withdrawal
Whichever is lower but subject to a minimum monthly payment of RM100 for a period of six months*
*The maximum monthly payment amount to you and the joint applicant (if any) should not exceed the total monthly loan instalment.
What You Should Know
  • Withdrawal is limited to one household per member. Any subsequent withdrawals are permissible solely for the same household.
  • In the case of re-financing, the loan balance accounted for is based on the original housing loan payment from the first loan financier OR the latest loan balance, whichever is lower. If several financiers are involved, the loan redemption letter will be compared against the latest balance to determine the eligible withdrawal amount.
  • You can make a withdrawal to reduce/settle your housing loan balance AND to pay your monthly housing loan instalment simultaneously.
  • For subsequent withdrawals, you can apply as early as 30-days before your final monthly instalment payment.
  • You can apply for withdrawals within 30 days prior to the installment date. However, disbursement of withdrawal payments will commence only after the actual installment date.
  • The withdrawal amount will the taken from Akaun Sejahtera and will be placed into a Special Account for your monthly loan instalment payment and its dividend will be credited into your Akaun Sejahtera after the yearly dividend declaration.
  • Monthly instalment payments should not exceed 55 years of age.
  • EPF reserves the right to cancel your monthly payment withdrawal if your loan has been fully settled, your house has been sold/auctioned/it’s ownership transferred to another party or if you have been found guilty of fraud by submitting false documents/information.
  • Those with NPL status can apply for withdrawal, the payment will be paid straight into the housing loan account.
What You Need


  • Copy of identification documents with original for verification (Non-MyKad holders only).
  • Passbook or copy of your bank account statement
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement/ Proof of Housing Loan Monthly Instalment/ Surrender of Ownership (Housing Loan Monthly Instalment Form & Title Deed/ Deed of Assignment) – if the information in your Housing Loan Balance Statement is incomplete.
*Applies to first and subsequent withdrawals, with or without re-financing. In the case of multiple re-financing, you are required to produce all Loan Approval and Debt Redemption letters from the previous financier.


Monthly Instalment Cancellation Accordion

Additional Information

Monthly Installment Withdrawal Additional Info Accordion

Payment Method

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Direct Credit

  • Monthly payment in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) will be credited to your savings/current account
  • If you hold an active account with our panel bank and your identification number matches the bank records
  • You will be issued a Bankers Cheque If payment to your account is unsuccessful

Bankers Cheque

  • Monthly payment will be made via Bankers Cheque to the financial provider’s address as stated in your Housing Loan Balance Statement
  • If your loan is a non-performing loan (NPL)

Important Reminder

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  1. Certify your documents
    Ensure ALL copies of documents have been certified and acknowledged by the authorised persons.
    (complete with name, designation and official stamp except for copies of documents which require certification by an EPF officer)

    Authorised Persons

  2. Double check your panel banks
    Refer to the list of EPF panel banks for direct crediting of payment into member’s account.

    EPF Panel Banks

  3. Submit to EPF
    Send your completed submissions at your nearest EPF Counter or mail it to the EPF.

    Find EPF Near You

    Post to EPF:

    P.O. Box 00220 Jalan Sultan,
    46720 Selangor Darul Ehsan.
  4. Need more information?
    Refer to our product brochure for additional information.

    Download Monthly Installment Brochure

  5. Reminder
    To all members who have active Housing Loan Monthly Instalments Withdrawals
    If your withdrawal is still active, please refer to the link below.

    Download Reminder

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Question

Housing Withdrawal FAQ Accordion

Why is thumbprint authentication necessary?

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The purpose of thumbprint authentication is to verify the identity of the applicant for the withdrawal made online.

What happens if a member does not provide thumbprint verification?

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Withdrawal application will be rejected if thumbprint verification (CIJ) is not completed at any EPF offices within fourteen (14) working days.

Does the member need to produce any document for thumbprint verification at the EPF counter?

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  • Original identification card (MyKad/MyPR/Police ID/Military ID) for member‘s identity verification.​
  • ​Supporting documents – Members will be notified in KWSP i-Akaun (inbox) if there is any additional documents required.

How can members check their application status and payment?

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Where can members perform the thumbprint verification and submit the supporting documents?

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  • Members can verify their thumbprint and submit the supporting documents at any EPF office.​
  • Members can visit the nearest Self-Service Terminal (SST) for applications that only require thumbprint verification, without the need for supporting documents.