An option for you to contribute to the retirement wellbeing of your loved ones. With this facility, you (the topper) can voluntarily make additional contributions to your family members' (the toppee) EPF accounts.
Who Can Apply

Asset Publisher

Death Benefit
Subject to EPF terms and conditions.
Tax Exemption
Subject to IRB terms and conditions.
Annual Dividend
Enjoy annual dividends on top of your retirement savings.
Special Incentive
Up to 15% of total contribution or max RM300 this year.
Who Can Contribute?
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Children (to parents​)
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Husband (to wife​)
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Wife (to husband​)
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Parents (to children​)
  • EPF Member​

  • Malaysia citizen & permanent resident​

  • Below age 55

  • EPF or non-EPF Member​

  • Toppers need to register before making payment by filling in the Pendaftaran Penambah Simpanan/ Penerima Simpanan form - KWSP 3B​



What Do You Need to Register?
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Birth certificate 
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Marriage certificate​
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Penambah Simpanan/ Penerima Simpanan form
Payment Methods
Payment in cash (maximum RM500)/ cheque/ bank draft can be made at the following EPF Office Receipting Counters:
  1. KWSP Shah Alam​
  2. KWSP Kuala Lumpur​
  3. KWSP Ipoh​
  4. KWSP Seberang Jaya​
  5. KWSP Alor Setar​
  6. KWSP Kangar​
  7. KWSP Johor Bahru​
  8. KWSP Muar​
  9. KWSP Melaka​
  10. KWSP Seremban​
  11. KWSP Kuantan​
  12. KWSP Kuala Terengganu​
  13. KWSP Kota Bharu​
  14. KWSP Kota Kinabalu​
  15. KWSP Kuching​
Bayaran Caruman Penambahan Simpanan Akaun Persaraan Form – KWSP 3B (1)
*Contribution payment amount will be credited into EPF member's account within 3 working days for electronic payment and 7 working days for non-electronic payment.​
**We do not encourage members to make cash payment at the EPF office especially for large amounts.
Contribution Limit
Minimum: No limit
Subject to payment channels
Maximum: RM100,000 per year​
The maximum accumulated limit for Voluntary Contributions (Self Contribution, i‑Saraan Contribution, i‑Suri Contribution and Akaun Persaraan Top-up Savings Contribution) across all payment channels is RM100,000 per year​
Important Reminder​
  • Payments must be made to KUMPULAN WANG SIMPANAN PEKERJA.​
  • If payment is made by cheque money order or bank draft, please state member's EPF number, contribution month, and phone number on the back.