As a salaried employee, you have the option to contribute more towards your retirement savings. Either you or your employer, or both, may voluntarily contribute at a rate exceeding the statutory rate [as long as you meet the requirements].
Who Can Apply

Asset Publisher

Death Benefit
Subject to EPF terms and conditions.
Tax Exemption
Subject to IRB terms and conditions.
Annual Dividend
Enjoy annual dividends on top of your retirement savings.
Special Incentive
Up to 15% of total contribution or max RM300 this year.
Who Can Contribute?
Complete and submit Borang KWSP 17A (AHL)/ KWSP 18A (AHL) to their respective employers.
​No form is required if Employers opt to contribute more than the statutory rate for employers.

Note: Employers need to submit VE (Employee’s Share) and VE (Employer’s Share) applications through i-Akaun (Employer)