Last updated : 11 Feb 2020    


Muslim members planning to perform hajj can now use your savings from Account 2 to supplement your savings at Lembaga Tabung Haji (LTH) for hajj expenses.

Who Can Apply



Below 55 years of age


Selected for hajj by LTH


Have never applied for hajj withdrawal


Insufficient savings in LTH


What You Can Withdraw

Difference in total cost for hajj with member's LTH savings account balance subject to a maximum amount of RM3,000.00
account 2 balance (whichever lower)

*The total cost for hajj prescribed by LTH depends on the actual cost according to the hajj seasons. For members performing hajj for the second time and beyond, the above difference in total cost does not include the cost of hajj visa.

What You Need

To apply, bring along the following documents to your nearest EPF office:

  • MyKad
  • Offer letter from LTH with the status 'SELECTED'
  • Latest LTH account statement

*Members are not required to fill out an application form but will need to affix your thumbprints on a ‘Notice of Withdrawal Application Confirmation’ as proof of withdrawal application.

Refund Terms

The withdrawal amount will be refunded in the event:

  • The member cancels/postpones his/her hajj – the full withdrawal amount must be returned to the EPF.
  • In the event of member's death after the withdrawal – the next of kin does not have to return the amount withdrawn and it can be claimed by the beneficiaries’ subject to LTH’s current procedures.